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Fashionista Radhika Mettakhun offers tips on how to elevate your street style

by Ashima

Looking to revamp your closet? 

By Nafisa Singhsachathet

I first met Radhika Mettakhun when we were walking the ramp at a fashion show together and I remember being instantly in awe of her chic style—street with a dash of high fashion. Before COVID-19 hit, Radhika was in her final year of studying Fashion Design and Product Development at Academy of Art University in San Francisco but the pandemic led her to come home to complete her degree online while interning at her family’s textile company. Before pursuing fashion, Radhika spent a few years at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada studying Food Science. The transition from food to fashion may seem like a big contrast but Radhika considers both art forms in their own way: “I love all types of creative expression. A big part of the way I view art is being able to create without adhering to existing rules.” 

When asked to describe her personal style, Radhika talks about her love of colour: “If someone asked me what my favourite colour was, I don’t think I’d be able to answer! The majority of what I wear has to have a pop of colour somewhere.” Radhika also enjoys items that allow her to emulate expensive looks without having to break the bank: “I usually do this by wearing earth tones because they’re classic and go with almost all skin tones.”

With a defined fashion identity now, I asked her if she’s seen a change in her style over the years, to which she said: “I used to wear a lot of crop tops and skinny jeans but nowadays I just don’t see myself in them anymore. I’ve learned that looking beautiful is less about worrying about your body and more about feeling confident in clothes that match your personality. I still love a crop top once in a while, but now I style them with loose-fitted pants, flowy skirts, or mom jeans to balance them out.” Her love for accessories has also grown over the years, “I don’t go out of the house without some jewellery on! I think a pair of earrings or a necklace can add so much personality. One line I currently love is Kin.Ko, they have pendants with meaningful Thai words engraved into them.”

With such a plethora of brands to shop from, I couldn’t help but ask Radhika where she usually shops: “I actually enjoy thrifting a lot so my clothes are quite a mix. For Thai brands, I like SalisaTwoTwice, and FABRIQUE for high quality and unique prints. For global brands, Source Unknown, Zara, Jaded London, and I.AM.GIA never disappoint. I also like the ‘Premium’ section of H&M. Although it’s a bit more expensive, the items last longer.” Radhika explains that a determining factor in how she chooses her clothes is how long they will last: “With the sustainability movement growing, considering the durability of your clothes is a step towards becoming more conscious.” 


Radhika styles a statement leather jacket with a dainty white crop, contrasting two colours to create a bold outfit. She tops the look off with a gold circular belt that brings out the accents of her gold jewellery and a patterned purse with pops of red.

Baby bra crop from FABRIQUE; cropped jeans, leather jacket, and shoes from Zara; Cartier belt; purse from Gucci; earrings, and necklaces from Kin.Ko; rings from Swarovski and watch from Rolex.


For a stroll around the city, Radhika elevates a casual earth-tone outfit using accents of gold and a pair of cream heels. She completes her look with an olive-green off the shoulder purse that’s versatile enough to take her look from daytime casual to nighttime glam.

Outfit and shoes from Zara; earrings and necklaces from Kin.Ko; rings from Swarovski; watch from Rolex

Radhika’s essentials: 

  • A watch: “I don’t feel complete without a nice watch. For me it’s an accessory more than just something I only use to look at the time.”
  • Kin.Ko matte gold hoop earrings: “So beautiful and they add extra bling to my face.”
  • Lots of rings: “Extra bling on my fingers!”
  • Pocket sized perfume: “I feel good when I smell good.”
  • Satin hair band: “In Thailand’s hot weather, sometimes I need my hair up and away from my face.”

Where do you find style inspiration?
Radhika finds trends on Pinterest and TikTok: “Both apps have allowed me to follow fashion icons such as Ines Silva and Kendall Jenner. They also inspire me to try out different styles I wouldn’t normally try.”


Silk and satin are some of Radhika’s favourite go-to fabrics. In this look, she styles a flowy patterned skirt with a solid, baby-blue halter top to create an elegant silhouette that moves like a dream.

Carys top from FABRIQUE; hidden petal skirt from Aessen; cream heels from Zara; earrings and necklaces from Kin.Ko; rings from Swarovski; watch from Rolex

Photographs taken by Channarong Chooarom at Ong Ang Walkway.


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