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Stylin’ in the Rain

by Webmaster Masala

It’s monsoon season but don’t let the rain get you down. Upgrade your style game with Masala’s tips!

By Christy Lau


Say yes to bright colours!

There’s nothing like overcast weather to get you to flaunt your neon hues and patterned prints. No sunshine? No problem, because you can bring the sun with you wherever you go!

Be mindful of fabric choices

Breathable, light materials like chiffon and nylon are the best choices because they dry very fast.

Layering is key

We hope you don’t get caught in the rain, but if you do, it helps to be wearing more than one layer of clothing, so you can easily remove the offending wet garment and still rack up major style points.

Pay attention to your shoes

More than anything else, these are what will get wet first. While covered shoes may seem like a smart choice, flip flops win out in the end. They’re easier to wash and they dry faster. But if you want to go for the covered route, opt for darker-coloured boots that will better camouflage those pesky puddle stains. Save your leather and suede shoes for sunnier days.


Avoid jeans

Not only will they cling to you when wet, jeans take ages to dry as well, meaning you could run the risk of becoming ill or picking up a nasty rash. But if you really don’t feel like giving up denims, you could instead go for some loose bottoms with a denim print.

No whites

Their transparency puts this colour on the ban list. Whether it’s on your body or your feet, white is a magnet for stains, and you wouldn’t want that to spoil your glamorous OOTD.

Stay away from socks and leggings

Similar to the no-jeans rule, these materials hold water for longer and could potentially become a breeding ground for germs.

No metallic jewellery

As much as you might like to flaunt your bling this rainy season, it’s best to leave it at home. No one wants to deal with a tetanus outbreak. We recommend you stick to plastic accessories that are easy to wipe dry.


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