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Swimwear from India Ready for Summer

by Mahmood Hossain

Here are a few select swimwear brands from India worthy of a scorching summer.

By Mahmood Hossain

This Thai Summer, the sweltering heat beating down our necks has been threatening to rob us of our fun and the chance to showcase our favourite looks. Whether it’s quality leisure time with your friends poolside, beach vacations, or an island getaway, you not only want to feel comfortable, but also look your best. And there’s no better way to accomplish this than to sport some of the best swimwear created by brands from India for both men and women, each with its unique selling points. While there are a dozen or more noteworthy labels, we’ve shortlisted a few brands that’ll make it a breeze for you to swim, recline, and more importantly, look stunning. Queue Tyla’s “Water” while you’re at it.


The brainchild of designer duo Vezotolu Vadeo and Shilpi Mishra, IZSI was launched in 2022, introducing a new flavour of swim and resort wear. Every single one of their print and embroidery designs are conceptualised in-house, and handmade by local artisans. Their first collection set the tone with bikini sets of playful and vibrant prints, unisex lounge shirts, and breezy cotton dresses.

Instagram: @izsi_india


Striking a balance between design and functionality, here is another brand that takes pride in making its swimwear and resort pieces all in-house, and focuses on slower fashion. This means that Flirtatious only produces what it needs and drastically cuts down on leftover stock and waste. A popular label with Bollywood celebrities, the label offers plenty of customisation, from the colours, to the measurements and style briefing.

Instagram: @flirtatious_india


More and more brands are not only talking the talk but also walking the walk when it comes to celebrating craftsmanship and mindful living. The Summer House is a fine example of work rooted in sustainability in contemporary fashion. For example, the brand uses Econyl for its swimwear, which is an Italian hero fabric used responsibly and helps clean the oceans. Abandoned fishing nets and gear in the ocean are collected, polymerised and transformed into nylon yarn, creating beautiful repurposed pieces for swimwear.



A veteran luxury holiday brand, Shivan and Narresh burst onto the scene when it launched in Cannes at the Mare di Moda show, with its 100 percent stitch-free swimwear in 2008. The label is the standard when it comes to the modern wardrobe for holidays or resort wear. It’s bold yet sophisticated, with an incredible eye for detail and prints you can’t find anywhere else. Its signature style has bloomed into a full-fledged fashion house, offering more than just swimwear.

Instagram: @shivanandnarresh


Perhaps the most fun of the lot, Guapa is like a tropical party wrapped around your body just teasing you to take a dip in cooler waters. It grabbed so much attention that it landed on the cover of a popular travel magazine last year, with Krabi set as the backdrop and Indian actress Rakul Preet Singh decked out in Guapa swimwear and accessories. What truly sets this brand apart from the rest is its line of reversible swimwear, proving to be a solid investment next time you want to upgrade your summer wardrobe.

Instagram: @guaparesortwear

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