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Summer Style Trends in Desi Menswear

by Mahmood Hossain

Summer may be hot, but the latest desi menswear trends can make you hotter.

by Mahmood Hossain

For the average consumer, fashion shows and runways may seem alien and impractical, but the reality of it is quite different. It not only showcases the latest collections or trends but also provides an opportunity for designers to express their artistry. More importantly, it inspires the audience to enhance their look with specific items incorporated into the various looks presented by the label. You pick and choose which items from a given look make the most sense for your style and seasonal wardrobes.

The upcoming season is no exception. We highlight some trending styles and potentially find their rightful places in your closet for what seems to be a ridiculously hot summer.


Certain older millennials will tell you that they cringe at the sight of their early 2000s fashion, filled with oversized tees and denim, and well, pretty much everything else. 24 years later, we are being flooded with minimal and relaxed-fitting clothes, yet in a very aesthetically appealing way. Cuts and silhouettes have changed to purposely drape the male figure with fluid fabrics that fit the waist and hips to hold everything else together. This goes for both Western wear and desiwear. A perfect example of this would be Dhurv Vaish’s latest menswear collection, “Spring Day”. Dress up or dress down, the fusion wear look has been elevated, where the hemline drops where it needs to, and versatility remains.


There is nothing cooler and more sophisticated than a man in a well-tailored kurta pyjama. And when you have the recent trend of lighter and flowy fabrics at hand, it takes carrying yourself with grace to another level. Take a page out of the newest looks from the label Antar Agni on the runway. Designer Ujjawal Dubey’s excellence is shown through the fitting of the kurta as if it were custom-made for the model. That’s exactly how it should look on you. What makes these designs more intriguing is the designer’s non-conformist and gender-neutral silhouettes. It’s not emasculating, it just makes your wardrobe more dynamic. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t pull this look off with some casual canvas sneakers.


Peeling the layers off and getting right to the weekend hangouts is now cooler and more comfortable with shorter shorts. The latest wardrobe updates have incorporated thigh-length shorts, celebrated in neutral greys and creams to keep things versatile. Additionally, pleated shorts, regardless of colour, maintain sophistication when paired with tucked-in button-ups and polos. Be it in cotton-blend twill or silk-wool blend, these items will come in stylishly handy when the days get hotter.


It’s humorous how some trends that used to be frowned upon, or even deemed as a style faux pas, are now being celebrated. Aside from bespoke suits or denim on denim, whether it’s patterned, striped, or simply solid, matching tops and bottoms are the hottest new pairings in the summer wardrobe. It’s casual, cool, and comfortable. Moreover, you don’t need to break the bank for this simple closet upgrade.

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