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Our It Girl Malini Aryapratheep on fashion, wellness, and her creative heritage.

by Nikki Kumar

Curator Of Style



Malini demonstrates her adeptness at experimenting with both colours and silhouettes. She’s donning an entirely black ensemble, featuring a V-neck cardigan with a playful half-buttoned style, paired with flowing dress pants and chunky black sandals for a dynamic silhouette. Adding flair to the outfit, she accessorises with a structured and chic dark cherry shoulder bag by Muse Aria, complemented by a beaded necklace layered with a simple gold chain and hoop earrings by Define for a touch of sophistication.

Meet 30-year-old Malini Aryapratheep, a dynamic figure in the health and wellness industry. Born and raised in Bangkok, Malini’s career spans diverse fields, from her family’s denim business to her current role as the marketing manager for Heights, a UK-based startup in the health and wellness space. Her creative inclinations can be traced back to her father, an abstract artist whose work has significantly impacted her artistic sensibilities. Her partner, Louis Supple, she co-manages Supples Gallery in Bangkok, a vibrant space that bridges the cultural gap between Southeast Asian and European artists, where we met to talk about her style. As we admired the solo exhibition of works by Thanapol Tanyapipatkul, I admired how Malini’s style blended seamlessly with the colourful and deeply personal paintings, which critiqued the political sphere of the artist’s home. Similar to the art around us, which was inspired by the artist’s background, Malini’s fashion, which blends comfort and colour, is deeply influenced by her eclectic background and passion for unique fashion statements.


Effortlessly chic and polished, Malini flaunts a coordinated sandy white V-neck camisole paired with breezy chinos. She adds a playful twist with a bubble-gum pink dress shirt, styled in a relaxed fit and draped casually over the neutrals for that perfect pop of colour. Rolled-up cuffs reveal a stack of golden bracelets that flawlessly complement her gold coin pendant. Rings add a touch of sparkle, and platform chunky flip-flops blend coastal charm with urban flair. Hung on the wall behind her is an abstract piece by her father, Asoke Aryapratheep.

How did you get involved in the art scene?

Louis has extensive experience in managing galleries and private art collections. Moreover, I grew up with an artist ather, who taught me a lot of about art and took me to museums all over the world. Naturally I’ve gravitated towards the art scene in Bangkok and now being able to help out at Supples Gallery feels like a full circle moment.

What was your first job?

I initially worked in my family’s denim business before it closed. After that, I joined Wonderfruit, a music festival in Thailand, and later worked at a social media agency in Bangkok, handling F&B and hospitality clients.

How has working at Wonderfruit influenced your fashion?

Wonderfruit emphasises freedom of expression and sustainability. It exposed me to many Thai local designers and homegrown brands, particularly through the Taste of Wonder boutique section. This experience taught me the importance of comfort and originality in fashion.

Who are your biggest fashion influences?

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City (1998-2004) Seasons One and Two is a big influence. I also look up to old-school fashion bloggers like Karla Deras, who has a fashion line of her own now. My mum is another major influence; she’s always well-dressed and gives honest fashion advice.

 Describe your style in three words.

Pop of colour.

What are your go-to accessories?

I love gold jewellery, especially gold hoops in various sizes that pop through my long dark hair. I also enjoy wearing stacking rings, bangles, and pendants. Gold feels like my armour, adding a classic touch to any outfit.

 Has your style changed over the years?

Yes, I’ve become more comfortable with my style and now know what I truly like. I tend to sit with trends for a while before deciding if I like them. I’ve also incorporated a lot more black into my wardrobe. When in doubt, wear black!

 What are your favourite brands or places to shop?

For basics, H&M and Zara are my go-tos. I used to shop a lot of fast fashion, but now I’m more conscious about what I buy. I love local Thai brands and thrift shopping. Recently, I’ve been carrying bags from Muse Aria, and wearing jewellery from Ornn – both brands started by friends of mine.

 What are your big three?

I’m a Scorpio with a Capricorn moon and Gemini rising. While I find astrology interesting and occasionally read about it, I wouldn’t call myself an expert. It’s a fun way to understand personality traits and reactions.


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