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It Girl of the month Suhavi Sethi on how to effortlessly embody tropical glamour

by Aiden

The Phuket-based entrepreneur offers her style tips and tricks.

By Amrita Sachdev

Suhavi Sethi is a young trendsetter who undoubtedly values the connection between identity and fashion. No stranger to social media, she shares how she balances her personal aesthetic with up-and-coming style trends: “I think my sense of style is definitely more laid back. When it comes to new trends, I add the elements I like to elevate my outfits, but I mostly stick to what I feel good in” she says.

The importance of comfort definitely resonates with this fashionista, but that’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy incorporating dressy themes in her day-to-day wardrobe, “I love minimalistic clothing with a kick, especially when it comes to accessorising. Pairing pieces of smaller, oxidised silver jewellery is my favourite way to heighten an outfit.”

Looking back on how her passion for fashion began, former Bangkok resident Suhavi reflects on her move to Phuket and how it changed her taste. “I started becoming more comfortable experimenting with different looks, I feel like I finally found myself,” she gushes. “After spending more time in a place like Phuket, my entire style feels more tropical and I feel very drawn to nature. I incorporate more blue and green hues as well as flowy silhouettes.”

Since moving, she has also channelled her entrepreneurial spirit, building a successful business selling healthy coconut-based treats called Coco Moons (@cocomoonsth). She’s also ventured into clothing, where her love for fashion and music resulted in LoveSauce (@lovesauceinc), a line of 100 percent silk kimonos available in vivid graphic prints. “These projects have allowed me to become more in tune with who I am, and they’ve given me the confidence to experiment with different styles and make them my own” she reveals.

Walk on the Wild Side: Suhavi’s statement of ‘minimalist with a kick’ truly comes to life in this combination of basic white tee and shorts with one of LoveSauce’s colourful and intricately designed kimonos. Wear it to brunch, the beach, or even a poolside bash. White top and shorts from Zara; kimono from LoveSauce

As she ponders over her style journey, it’s evident that confidence is key to discovering the right style. Her advice? She doesn’t discriminate when it comes to fashion, “I don’t follow specific pages. I’m open to minimalistic shades and colours, whatever makes me happy,” she enthuses.

However, when it comes to staple pieces, Zara is her go to. “I like Zara because their pieces are really versatile, giving me the freedom to dress them up or down.” For those who struggle with choosing between glamorous or casual, Suhavi presents her solution: “I love visualising outfits and putting them together by mixing and matching. I take simple, staple pieces I own and pair them with chunky jewellery to transform a casual outfit into a trendier one.” This philosophy is one she also applies to Indian attire, revealing how June Fifth by Bonnie is one of her favourites for dressy daytime outfits and night-time rendezvouses.

DYLANLEX (@dylanlex) because they encourage everyone to go out of their comfort zone with their choices in jewellery and accessorising. They specialise in statement jewellery, so I love how they’re not afraid to layer big metal pieces, adding a whole new dimension to even the most casual outfit.

Tropical Paradise: An easy, breezy, printed button-down top that is every island girl’s dream is paired with basic denim shorts from Suhavi’s go-to items for a relaxing day-time get-up. Top from Mango; denim shorts from Zara.


  1. Oversized sunglasses: a hidden gem found in a local store is now a staple piece for every daytime event.
  2. Gucci Dionysus mini purse: subtle but with a hint of glamour, making it easy to pair with any outfit.
  3. Balm from Lush Cosmetics: to keep moisturised in the heat and humidity, a must-have for every outing.
  4. Cuff Bracelet: bold silver accessories are Suhavi’s favourite way to elevate an outfit.
  5. Cookies from Coco Moons: “Can’t go anywhere without snacking on these!”

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