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Bling, Baaja, Baraat: How to incorporate rattan into your wedding décor

by Niranjana Mittal

Tips for anyone who would love rattan as wedding decor.

By: Kripa Singh

Creating original wedding décor involves exploring different materials and textures. For couples who want to add an earthy edge to their big day, rattan is the way to go. This natural material, created from thin palm stems, is versatile, eco-friendly, and perfect for an elegant aesthetic.

From a coastal celebration to a traditional mandap or rustic soirée, the woven textured Manila cane lends itself well to a tropical wedding in Thailand. Here are a few fun and creative ways to incorporate rattan into your wedding décor.

‘Au Naturale’ Mandaps
Opt for a natural aesthetic for your wedding ceremony by choosing a mandap with intricately woven rattan arches or pillars. The texture and earthy tones of rattan will complement the lush greenery of outdoor venues, creating a serene and natural ambience for your big day. Beige is the classic color for rattan, but you can explore different hues for your wedding ceremony. Opt for white for a clean look, or a forest green for a deeper colour palette.

Rustic Seating Arrangements

Replace the traditional Tiffany or acrylic chairs with rattan seating options. These statement pieces not only provide comfortable seating for your guests but also add a bohemian flair to your wedding décor, perfect for outdoor mehendi ceremonies or by-the-beach weddings. Add small dried flower arrangements as chair-backs for a detailed touch.

Dreamy Ceiling Installations

Transform your reception venue into a tropical wonderland by hanging rattan chandeliers with fairy lights. The ceiling installation will enchant your guests as they dine, drink, and dance beneath a canopy of woven wicker.

If you want to support local handicrafts, you can get extra creative and source palm- sized rattan birds. These handmade props can be suspended from mehendi canopies or strung along with green foliage and lightbulbs at a beachside dinner.

















Tablescapes with a Twist

Elevate your table décor with rattan baskets, placemats, or napkin rings. These subtle yet stylish accents add texture to your tablescape. Pair them with vibrant floral arrangements, palm leaves, shells, and dimly-lit candles for an elegant table setting.

Island-Inspired Bars

Create a rustic bar using rattan bar stools, shelves, or hanging baskets. Complement the tropical charm by serving refreshing cocktails in rattan glasses or coconut shells, transporting your guests to an island paradise.

Personalised Signage and Wedding Favors
Add a personal touch to your wedding décor with customised rattan signages or wedding favours.Offering woven hand fans will look beautiful in pictures and help your guests to beat the heat. If you want to get extra creative, you can personalise your fans by engraving your names on them. Your loved ones can take them home as charming keepsakes of your special day.

Bohemian Photo Backdrops

Create photo-worthy moments with rattan photo backdrops enhanced with floral arrangements, macramé hangings, or vintage frames. Encourage your guests to strike a pose and capture memories from your special day.

Kripa Singh is a wedding decor designer and aesthete with a love for good books, dogs and a cup of tea.

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