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Our It Girl of the month Madhuri Dudhoria on how to dress outside your comfort zone

by Ashima

This trendsetter also offers her take on #CovidCouture

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

Photos taken at the Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse

Madhuri Dudhoria, mother of three grownup kids and co- owner of international family business DreamMaster, refuses to let people’s expectations affect her sense of style. “Style for me is an excursion into self-expression,” she says. “My closet is full of possibilities, from bohemian wear to traditional outfits, to skintight bodysuits – what I wear depends on what aspect of my personality I choose to embody through my clothes that day.” As she enthuses about her style evolution, it’s clear that confidence is the key to why, in her own words, she is “thriving at 48.” Her advice? “Age is just a number, and when it comes to trying new trends don’t let that number stop you. You never know what can suit. Step out of your comfort zone.”

Indeed, born and brought up in a conservative household in Kolkata, Madhuri had to learn to step out of her traditional comfort zone over the years: “My style has evolved from traditional, to bohemian, to chic and sophisticated,” she reveals. “Bollywood, upcoming designers, and social media have all played a big part in curating my wardrobe.” Overall, however, she maintains a minimalist edge in her style choices, often paired with costume jewellery. “Classy and feminine is what I go for, although sometimes I can be overdressed for no reason,” she admits with a laugh.

Mask of ‘Morrow: Timeless denim turns chic with modish puffed sleeves, paired with an elegant black-and-gold belt and a matching mask à la mode to complete the outfit. “I’d wear this to a kitty party or any small social event as it’s comfortable and casual but also effortlessly cool.”

“There are three things you need to be choosy about: your friends, how you spend your time, and your clothes,” she says. And to that end, when she chooses where to buy from, it’s not the brands that matter. “I shop for clothes everywhere – from haute couture designers, to exhibitions, to local talaads in Bangkok.” She does however, have preferences: “For traditional clothes, Sabyasachi is my favourite, while I’m also fond of Ritu Kumar, Global Desi, Zara, Morgan de toi and more. I love to check out upcoming designers and local Thai designers.”

Wrapped Up in You: “An outfit she can’t wait to wear post COVID-19, this black-and- white, pre-draped sari flirts with both tradition and modernity to bring a classic look that’ll still turn heads: “It’s perfect for the modern woman who has a statement style and wants to be both glamorous and provocative – like me!”

Recently, Madhuri’s children, Pooja, Vikram, and Yash, have joined the ranks of the latter with their timely face mask company, Mask On Bkk (@maskon.bkk). As she dons one of their designs, she explains how in this case, fashion can contribute towards giving back to the community. “They’re high-quality, reusable, and eco-friendly cotton masks, made by artisans from less-privileged Thai communities. It provides many who’ve been most affected by the COVID-19 crisis steady income, while providing standardised products for everyone to keep themselves and others safe.” And what else can one ask for in a fashion brand?


Shilpa Shetty Kundra. This diva has been killing it with her style, whether it’s traditional saris or figure-hugging silhouettes. She’s able to balance being a mother and actress, and inspire others with her ‘Sunday binges,’ her healthy recipes, and her own fitness app, all while still staying in shape at 45 – a true women of substance.”

Lockdown Rock DownA coordinated top and shorts combo in cool grey, paired with cheeky, baby pink fuzzy slippers, turn stay-at-home into slay-at-home: “The fabric is stretchable and breathable which is so important in this weather, and the slippers’ fuzz reminds me of our dog Gucci!”


  1. Burberry sunglasses: “They’re light and make any outfit chic.”
  2. Puma sneakers: “Comfort is key, and I wear them to most casual events.”
  3. Purse from Goyard: “It’s light but is also a good size for shopping, especially because we’re trying to use fewer plastic bags these days.”
  4. Lipstick from MAC Cosmetics: “The colour is perfect – sexy without being too dark or light.”
  5. Body spray from Davidoff: “A must in this hot weather!”

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