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Post-COVID health trends you need to know about

by Ashima

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. 

By Tom McLean

While the world hasn’t quite turned into the Mad Max-esque sci-fi dystopia many have anticipated, most of us aren’t ready to breathe a sigh of relief just yet (at least without our masks on). As restriction measures are lifted and long-distance travel becomes more frequent, COVID-19 infection numbers are likely to fluctuate over the coming months. Expect the best and prepare for the worst with this list of health tips and trends that will see you confidently navigate our post- COVID landscape.


As hard as it might be to accept, the days of wearing the same pair of jeans weeklong are over. With many of us returning to work, or otherwise being forced to venture outside, it’s essential that we more meticulously strategise our wardrobes for the week. Plan clothes for outside wear and keep pairs of comfortable inside attire to change into after returning home and showering. Remember that alcohol-based hand sanitisers work well in a pinch but nothing can beat hot water and soap. All hail the new normal!


Those of us who don’t have access to a solar-powered dirigible have to face facts: total isolation from others is nigh-impossible. With that in mind, how can the average person even hope to protect themselves from the coronavirus scourge? With masks, masks, and more masks, of course. While most of us have jumped on the mask bandwagon with astonishing fervour, there are still those who didn’t quite get the memo. Remember to change disposable masks frequently, and wash reusable ones daily. As the new age adage goes: “a clean mask a day keeps the terrifying virus away.”


COVID-19 isn’t the only plague making the waves. Thanks to the rise of unscrupulous, fear-mongering media (here’s looking at you, ‘murder hornets’) and unsubstantiated social media posts, many of us go about our days in a panicky fugue state, our faculties overloaded with constant news cycles of doom and gloom. It’s more important than ever for people to take time to centre themselves, removing themselves from overstimulation in order to reduce anxiety and improve focus. Whether you’re a pro or prefer your yoga with honey and blueberries, now is the perfect time to start practicing meditation. Take a break from electronic media and make some time for yourself.


If you’re living in Bangkok, you’ll more than likely be familiar with the wealth of transport options the city has to offer. But which one is best suited for travel during a viral pandemic? Taxis work well to limit contact with others but, unlike the BTS and MRT transit systems, aren’t regulated as meticulously with regards to cleanliness. The latter also feature temperature checks and the compulsory use of masks for all travellers and staff, allowing commuters to travel reasonably worry-free. A rule of thumb for public transport: if you touch the seat, a wash would be neat.


While the bygone days of communal tom yung goong bowls may seem like a distant, and slightly perturbing, memory, getting a healthy fix of other people is still crucial to happiness and wellbeing. On the other hand, if you’re stuck in the house all the time with the same old faces, it’s important to enjoy some time alone in order to avoid tension. Healthy communication is key. Instead of meeting up for drinks or coffee, many people now use VOIP apps like WhatsApp and Zoom for catch-up sessions with friends and family.


With more time spent indoors, it’s important to reinforce our bodies’ natural defences. As tempting as it is to stay up until 2am watching Korean soap operas on Netflix, getting a decent night’s sleep is of utmost importance during this stressful time and is vital to strengthening our immune systems. Likewise, staying properly hydrated is a crucial, and often overlooked, element of staying fighting fit. With less time spent in the sun, it’s easy to overlook healthy hydration habits so it might help to follow a regular water- drinking routine. Getting plenty of vitamins C, D, and zinc is also a great move so make sure to enjoy some time outside and treat yourself with a super-food smoothie.


While the COVID-19 restrictions have allowed many of us to pursue our lifelong passion of eating crisps and watching TV, it’s been statistically proven that fitter people are less badly affected by the virus. Although it’s ill-advised to go to a public gym during this period, getting regular exercise is a highly beneficial way of spending that extra time indoors. Online video platforms like YouTube feature a plethora of exercise videos and tutorials to get the blood pumping from the comfort of your living room. Building up a sweat is also an excellent stress buster!

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