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The Bold and The Beautiful

by Webmaster Masala

Get an exclusive peek into 22-year-old Pratibha Pahwa’s style evolution over the years.

By Krishna Mawani

Pratibha Pahwa, fondly known as Sonia, is not a prisoner of fashion. Embodying a carefree spirit, this trendsetter embraces her own style and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. “I wear what I like,” she says candidly. “I won’t just put on what everyone else is wearing. I am 5’8 with an attitude of 6’4.”

Sonia takes wardrobe inspirations from fashion icons, Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss. “Since Kim got together with Kanye West, her style has really changed. She now wears more simple and classy colours.” Sonia says. “I also love how Kate pairs her outfits with blazers or jackets to enhance the overall look.” To stay up-to-date with effortless and chic trends, Sonia follows several fashion blogs, Pinterest and Tumblr for inspiration. “It helps bring out my creative side,” she says with smile. “Fashion is always evolving, and I like how old trends always come back in style eventually.” 

Over the years, Sonia’s style has evolved drastically. “I cannot believe that until I was 17 years old, I used walk out of the house wearing clothes my grandmother brought for me,” she remembers. “My accessories and clothes would never match. I would just pick out whatever I saw first in my closet. I am so glad that I now know how to style myself for occasions.” Like most fashionistas, her clothing choices depend on her moods. Some days she opts for feminine dresses, whereas other days she prefers the edgier look.    

So when she puts outfits together, does the brand matter? “Brands are definitely not that important to me,” she says. “80 percent of my clothes don’t have a label. They are either bought from a local store or a roadside shop. I spend a lot of time shopping on Instagram, and I love walking in markets where I discover a lot of cool things. The other 20 percent of my wardrobe is from Zara. I can’t say I don’t like brands because I love branded bags. They tend to stand out and elevate your ensemble.” Overall, Sonia maintains an effortless look. Her style leans towards casual with a hint of sophistication, for wherever our It Girl goes, she is always dressed to impress. 

Dinner Vibes 

Embodying a classic look, Sonia wears a white blazer over an H&M bodysuit, paired with skinny jeans. The leopard print Marks and Spencer stilettos and dainty jewellery adds a fashionable touch to the otherwise simple ensemble.  

Casual Day Out

Sonia paired an olive green Zara dress with a denim jacket. White Adidas sneakers and statement accessories complete this chic look.  

Modern Flair

Sonia makes a statement in a white turtleneck crop top with a dark green skirt from United Colors of Benetton bought over 10 years ago. She elevates her outfit with her favourite Stella Luna heels and a Gucci belt. 

Sonia’s Wardrobe Essentials

1. Lipsticks   

2. Her makeup essential: highlighter   

3. Red Givenchy bag  

4. Her go-to high heels 

5. Hoop earrings: “the bigger the better!” 

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