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Modern Sanctuary

by Webmaster Masala

Style and function go hand-in-hand at Marisa Gambir’s luxurious European-style penthouse. 

By Christy Lau

From its white walls and wooden furnishings, to the glass doors and plush chairs found in nearly every room, Marisa Gambir’s home simply exudes tranquillity, providing as much of a balm to the soul as it does a treat for the eyes. 

No stranger to interior design, Marisa is the Vice President of Euro Creations, which for the past 20 years, has been serving Bangkok’s elite with the finest furniture sourced primarily from Italy, Belgium and Germany. Marisa’s home sits on top of the company’s five-floor showroom and is naturally filled with signature pieces from the brand’s extensive portfolio. They include the custom-made Malerba dining room table and Marisa’s personal favourites; the flexile Giorgetti chair at the main entrance and the curved Cassina chairs in the main living room.

So what is it about European furniture that appeals to her? “The design mainly, but it is also the quality and the unique materials that are a huge draw,” she says. “They are highly durable, and I just love the aesthetic of them and the way they break up the rhythm of the room.” As we make our way around the elegantly appointed home, Marisa fills me in on other influences and inspirations. 

Having a space that resembled her old family home in Bangna was of utmost importance. “We grew up in a large property and used to have a large outdoor garden with a pool,” she recalls. “When we made the move to the city, we wanted a place that felt as spacious as our old home despite living in the busy city centre.” Indeed, a house that measures 700 square metres in total is quite the rarity in Sukhumvit’s busy district, let alone one that includes a large open-air terrace with a pool and lounge area, overlooking the street.

Large glass doors run from the entrance right along the kitchen and dining room area to the main living room, filling the home with plenty of natural light, and adding to the sense of spaciousness. “We wanted a home that wasn’t just for us, but for our friends too,” Marisa explains, when I ask her about the many seating areas. “We host a lot of parties here and we wanted to be able to entertain our guests properly.”

That explains the open kitchen and bar zone, great for sharing a few drinks with close acquaintances. Meanwhile, a theatre room just behind the kitchen is the perfect setting for a movie night in. And of course, there is the outside pool area, where more chairs are arranged for comfort and convenience.

Another decor feature that catches the eye as we make our way towards the bedrooms, are the touches of green that are found here and there – a tasteful effort to bring the outside, inside. The living room, corridor and bedrooms all have mini balconies that have been carefully landscaped to look like little havens of nature. “I hired a gardener to create these little diminutive gardens,” Marisa explains. “We really wanted to keep it easy on the eyes and I feel it adds a calming atmosphere to the whole home.”

Next, we enter Marisa’s bedroom and I am struck by how sleek and clean the furniture looks. Adjoined to the bedroom is a luscious bathroom, complete with a jacuzzi tub where she can enjoy a relaxing bath after a long day at work. “This was one of my requirements when we were talking about the design for my room,” she says with a smile. “Because this is my very favourite way to unwind!” The master bedroom is similarly furnished – a large canopy bed dominates, while a walk-in closet runs along the walls to the bathroom, which is tucked at the back. 

Making our way to the living room area once more, I ask where she most enjoys spending her time. “Definitely the living room,” she says without hesitation. And it’s easy to see why – plenty of cosy sofas and large pillows for lounging. On the wall hangs a mirrored sign from Italian brand Malerba which spells ‘LOVE’ – a sophisticated way to emphasise the room’s purpose in bringing family together. On either side of the sign are two cabinets filled with her father’s valuable collectibles. “My father always liked being involved in the luxury business,” she says. “He was the first importer of Swarovski in Thailand, and some of these treasures are custom-made pieces, given as gifts from previous clients over the years.”

In all honesty, Marisa’s home in general is the real treasure here. Spacious and chic, it is luxurious without feeling impersonal. A perfect example of how to mix both form and function, it is truly a serene retreat for the weary mind. 

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