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PM 2.5 making you sick? Here’s our roundup of the most technologically advanced face masks available

by Ashima

Thanks for masking!

By Ashima Sethi

The AirPop Active+ (THB 3,750++) is the culmination of five years of research and development (pictured above). The smart mask is embedded with a Halo sensor that monitors your respiration and can connect to your device to show you all the information, including local air quality data and what kind of pollutants you’re inhaling. Moreover, its 3D aerodome shape and moisture-wicking performance makes the mask suitable for high intensity activity as it facilitates airflow and balanced air circulation while the filter blocks out bacteria, dust and other dangerous particulates.

The LG Puricare Air Purifying Mask AP300AWFA (THB 5,490++) functions more as a wearable air purifier rather than just a mask. Ergonomically designed, it fits and seals around the face to minimise air leakage around the nose and chin so that it’s comfortable for everyday wear. The mask is equipped with HEPA filters, a respiratory sensor that detects the cycle and volume of the wearer’s breath, as well as dual inverter fans that can be adjusted as per preference. Parts can also easily be replaced for repeated use, while the mask uses disposable filters. It’s recommended to purchase it with a matching UV case, which kills over 99 percent of germs.

AIRXÔM recently unveiled their cutting-edge face mask (THB 11,000++) at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, USA. The model aims to provide protection from the effects of air pollution, viruses, and bacteria as the company have recognised as that atmospheric pollution is a major health threat for millions across the globe. It’s capable of filtering micro and nanoparticles to minimise the threat of disease and volatile organic compounds such as nitrogen monoxide. The mask also boasts silver and copper particles in different filters, which aids with UV rays being able to destroy pathogens and pollutants.

The lightweight Xiaomi Purely Anti-Pollution Air Mask (THB 700++) features a double-layer, a polyester outside sleeve and a four-layer nano-fibre electret inside sleeve that features technology that can filter out 99 percent of small and dangerous particulate matter such as PM 2.5. The chargeable mask also features three fan settings to help aid with air flow within the mask and with breathing in polluted environments
and is one of the most affordable options on the list.

Arguably the most high-tech looking mask on the list, tech brand Razer has unveiled the Zephyr Pro (THB 5,000++), a sustainable mask that features replaceable air filters for daily protection, a transparent design with light-up elements, and voice amplification to aid with communication. The mask’s multiple chambers allow for freshly filtered air to flow freely you can breathe comfortably and you can adjust the fan speed for total comfort. Razer has also announced their next concept ‘Hazel,’ which is even cooler looking but currently in the works.

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