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Beyond Fun and Games: The Hidden Benefits of Summer Camp for Mental Wellbeing

by Aiden

Experts at KIS give their insight. 

Summer break – a time for freedom, relaxation, and maybe a touch of boredom? For many children and young adults, the unstructured days can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and even a decline in mental well-being. 

Here’s where summer camp steps in, offering a surprising benefit: a significant boost to your child’s mental health.

Combating Loneliness: The Power of Connection

School provides a natural social environment for children. But during breaks, the lack of regular interaction with peers can lead to loneliness. A study by the American Camp Association (ACA) highlights the positive impact of camp on social skills and happiness. Campers form new friendships, participate in group activities, and feel a sense of belonging to a community. This social connection is crucial for mental well-being, reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Building Confidence Through New Skills

Summer camp isn’t just about fun and games. It’s a place for exploration, discovery, and skill development. Whether it’s learning a new language, mastering volleyball, or creating artistic masterpieces, camp allows children to challenge themselves and achieve new things. This sense of accomplishment fosters confidence, a key component of positive mental health.

Unplugging for Reduced Stress

Our modern world is filled with screens and technology. School breaks can often lead to increased screen time, which has been linked to anxiety and depression in children. Summer camp offers a welcome break, encouraging kids to spend time outdoors and with fellow campers. 

Academic Enrichment and the Importance of “Not Slipping”

Summer break can sometimes lead to learning loss, often referred to as “summer slide.” However, engaging day camps can prevent this decline by offering a fun and interactive learning environment. These camps can introduce children to new subjects, sparking a love of learning. 

Summer camp can be a transformative experience for children and young adults. By providing opportunities for social connection, skill development, reduced stress, and continued learning, summer camp plays a vital role in promoting positive mental well-being. 

A Summer Well Spent: Why KIS International School Bangkok Could Be the Perfect Fit?

KIS International School Bangkok offers exciting day camps this year for children aged from 3 to 18, with programs ranging from 3 days to 3 weeks.

This summer, KIS Bangkok has a day camp to fit every interest! In addition to Sport Camps, Early Years Camp, Summer Fun Explorer, and Academic Camp, KIS Bangkok is introducing two new camps for secondary school students this year: one to strengthen English skills and another to help children gain leadership skills.

  • KIS Bridge, for age 11 to 17 is an intensive English program offering opportunities for English development and IELTS preparation, potentially opening doors to future overseas opportunities.
  • HMC Young Global Leaders program, by Harvard Model Congress and hosted at KIS Bangkok, for grade 6 to 12, is a unique 3-day program designed to hone leadership skills and build future changemakers.

Ready to learn more and discover the perfect summer camp experience for your child? 

Visit KIS Bangkok Summer Camp page ( to explore all the exciting programs offered this year.

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