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Explore India’s freshest sonic offerings from genre-bending fusion to heart-pounding house beats

by Nikki Kumar

Surfing the sonic waves of India’s up-and-comers


Sun’s out, buns out, and the festival scene is hotter those high 40s. Coachella may have wrapped, but Summer Sonic is just around the corner, and trust us, the only thing hotter than those sizzling lineups is the fire India’s underground music scene is spitting. So, ditch the Top 50 and your tired playlists because we’re here to inject your summer with a serious dose of aural coolness. 

We all know the thrill of unearthing a hidden gem, that artist who blows up before anyone else catches on. It’s like snagging that limited-edition sneaker before it sells out, or discovering the coolest speakeasy before the influencers flood it. That’s the vibe we’re serving: access to India’s freshest sonic offerings. These rising artists are making serious waves, from genre-bending fusion, to heart-pounding house beats and ethereal shoegaze. So, grab those headphones, get ready to hit save, and prepare to become a music insider.



Hailing from Trivandrum, this budding musician, also an engineering student and accomplished pianist, is making a splash in India’s music scene. His work as a songwriter, vocalist, and producer, showcases his hands-on approach to music creation. His sound is a skillful blend of R&B, jazz, blues, and ambient influences, with his debut album “Great Depression” serving as both a standalone work and a soundtrack for a short film by did you eat pictures. The album features his mastery of the piano, intertwined with electronic and intelligent dance music (IDM) elements, complemented by nods to dubstep. 

Instagram: @aksomaniac


Based in New Delhi, this dynamic six-member ensemble is causing a stir with their boundary-pushing musical style. Seamlessly blending jazz, blues, and funk-pop influences, their music serves as a testament to the rich diversity within the medium. Pakshee, through their innovative fusion, skillfully weave elements of Hindustani and Carnatic classical vocals in Hindi and Malayalam, underscoring their ability to harmonise sounds into a cohesive listening journey. Their debut album, released in 2019, displays a mosaic of influences, from the velvety textures of smooth jazz to the infectious rhythms of funk, marked by intricate drumming patterns and electrifying guitar riffs. 

Instagram: @paksheeofficial



Emerging onto the scene in 2022, this fresh trio, comprised of Aarifah Rebello, Zubin Pastakia, and Apurv Agrawal, injects a newfound vibrancy into India’s shoegaze landscape. Fusing elements of shoegaze (a subgenre of indie and alternative pop), dream pop, and post-punk, their sonic palette draws inspiration from iconic English bands like The Cure and Slowdive. The band’s fluid musical identity mirrors their outlook on an unpredictable future, characterised by the delicacy of Aarifah’s vocals and the potency of their lyrics. Their latest offering, the EP “How the Mighty Will Fall,” serves as a poignant exploration of contemporary uncertainties, featuring standout tracks such as “Skin to Sea” and “Lovesong for an Apocalypse”. 

Instagram: @longdistances.ig


Esteemed among tastemakers, this band originating from Imphal stands at the forefront of India’s shoegaze scene. The trio seamlessly melds shoegaze, psych rock, dream-pop, and the organic sounds of nature into their compositions. Their sonic concoctions, comprised of distinctive fuzzy guitars and trance-inducing melodies, exude a laid-back coolness, attributed to their hands-on, DIY approach to production, which often arises from spontaneous jam sessions. With their debut album “AKA Lo Peninsula” turning heads since its 2018 release, the group continues to charm audiences with its rich harmonic textures and immersive atmospherics, enhanced by the vocalist’s raw, garage-like energy.

Instagram: @lopeninsula



Delhi-based underground artist Shauharty is innovating the domain with his sub-genre blend of alternative hip-hop. This artist is cultivating the audio landscape with new sounds and perspectives through his latest EP, “Paint it, Dull”. Drawing inspiration from the iconic track “Paint it, Black” by The Rolling Stones, Shauharty infuses his music with elements reminiscent of classic rock while paying homage to the vibrant desi culture of the 70s and 80s. Through gritty, hard-rocking vocals and fluid rap verses, the EP evokes a profound sense of melancholy, juxtaposed with an underlying urgency. His adept use of soundscapes creates tracks that are both introspective and energetically vibrant, inviting listeners into a world that is simultaneously haunting and playful.

Instagram: @nawaaabjaaan


A budding prominent figure in Mumbai’s underground rap scene, Siegen Moopanar, originally from Bangalore, is making a significant impact with his refreshing lyrical narratives. Drawing from his South Indian heritage and urban sensibilities, he injects a distinctive flavour into his flows. Departing from the clichés often associated with rap music, he sheds light on the everyday struggles of the middle-class. Since debuting in 2019, the artist has been steadily gaining momentum, culminating in the release of his latest EP, “BHAAGNA, CHUHUPNA, DOOBNA,” last year, showcasing his evolution as an artist unafraid to challenge conventions and offer a fresh perspective on contemporary life. 

Instagram: @reallifesiege



Aditi Veena, dubbed Ditty, is a singer, songwriter, and urban ecologist based in New Delhi and Berlin. In 2019, she released her debut album “Poetry Ceylon” that was named ‘Album of the Year’ by India Today. Ditty’s tracks echo the essence of Joni Mitchell, weaving gentle melodies with poignant lyrics addressing themes of inclusion, capitalism, and environmental conservation. Her music creates a melodic journey, punctuated by emotive hums and instrumental flourishes, delivering powerful messages within a soft, atmospheric soundscape. Beyond her music, she rocks carbon-neutral live shows, making a green impact while sharing her art. 

Instagram: @heyyditty


This Delhi-based singer, songwriter, and producer brings you on a powerful journey of the self through his music. His tracks delve deep into the intricacies of personal growth, mortality, and the fleeting nature of existence. With a raw and unfiltered approach, his songs resonate with honesty, capturing the spectrum of emotions stirred by life’s unpredictable twists and turns. Having debuted with the EP “Skunk in the Cellar” in 2014, he further solidified his presence in the music landscape with the release of his full-length album, “Milk Teeth” just three years ago. 

Instagram: @shantanman 



Residing in Bangalore, Samprukt Mohanty, better known by his stage moniker Fake Tattoos, is causing a stir with his electrifying rhythms. Fusing elements of house and techno with Eastern influences, this DJ is at the forefront of the scene, captivating audiences with his pulsating beats. Fake Tattoos is a regular fixture at Bangalore’s premier clubs, where he keeps the dance floors alive with his infectious concoctions of sound. His latest offering, “Unfazed”, comprises seven original tracks and one remix, delivering a listening experience brimming with bouncy rhythms and infectious grooves.

Instagram: @faketattoosmusic


Anish Sood, known under his alias Anyasa, is taking his Indian Melodic House sounds to global heights. Born and raised in the coastal state of Goa, this DJ remains deeply connected to his roots, infusing classical Indian elements into his contemporary electronica. The fusion of genres in his music creates a mesmerising, almost cinematic ambiance, inviting listeners into a harmonious and dance-infused journey. With three EPs under his belt: “Gaya”, “Athena”, and the latest, “Apollo”, Anyasa demonstrates a masterful command of elements that evoke a transcendent, almost spiritual energy within his compositions. 

Instagram: @anyasamusic


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