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Passion-driven fashionista Sonica Siamphairin shares her take on style and what it means for her.

by Shradha Aswani

The Mix n’ Match Capsule

By Shradha Aswani

When Sonica Siamphairin greets me in the luxe lobby of Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, I can barely see the nerves she claims to have. Her personality shines through the simple yet elegant outfit she has picked for the occasion, and her energy pushes awkward far away.

“This is what fashion is for me,” she says. “Expressing yourself without having to say a word. You speak through your clothes. The diversity in what you can wear allows you to be who you are, unapologetically, and fashion empowers you to feel confident and unique in your own beautiful way.”

SPARKLING BLACK & WHITE (pictured above)
Sonica dons a classic zebra-print dress from H&M with dazzling costume pearls from Platinum Fashion Mall that line her neck and ears. Her sparkly Steve Madden heels and glitzy clutch from CPS CHAPS enhance the look, and equip her for a glamorous evening ahead.

“For me, my personal style depends on my mood for the day,” she thoughtfully responds as I ask her about the deciding factor in the outfits she chooses. “Effortless and chic are the two words that frequent my fashion vocabulary. I think about what I feel like wearing on the day, but for special occasions, I plan my looks in advance. I play around with everything in my wardrobe and try on the look before finalising one, and if I feel in my element, that is it for me. The trends or what is currently going on in the market doesn’t matter. If I
am convinced that a combination looks nice, I go for it.”

Born and brought up in Bangkok as a Thai-Indian is a fusion that comes through in how she carries herself, but only second to the blend of haute couture and high street fashion that she proudly dons. She admits that ‘mix n’ match’ is her style, and she has no specific preference while shopping. “I enjoy browsing through high-end labels as much as street shopping or online shopping. I think your final look depends on how you put everything together, and not necessarily on where you shop from.”

The Wedding Extravaganza
A blush-pink, layered beadwork lehenga designed by Sonika for her wedding

She mentions Izi Angus, Zendaya and Jennifer Lopez as her inspirations, and candidly acknowledges that her relationship with fashion is purely based on passion. Studying fashion design is something she wishes she
had done, but the lack of a formal degree doesn’t hold her back from designing her clothes from time to time. In fact, she tells me, she self-designed the beautiful blush-pink lehenga she wore for her wedding, which happened not many moons ago, as evidenced by the red bangles that adorn her wrists.

I ask her how her sense of style has changed over the years, and she broods for a moment before her response: “I think it has evolved. I used to be fascinated by different styling concepts, statement looks, and everything else that the fashion world gave us. But now, thanks to technology and social media, one has much more access to inspiration. This allows me to explore a vast sea of inspiring fashion ideas and improvise them to create looks I resonate with the most.”

A bright yellow H&M body suit complements blue Pomelo jeans, Nike sneakers, a Marc Jacobs watch, and an emerald green tote, all of which come together in a look that is fit for any outing. Sonica slips into them with confidence and a smile that she thoroughly believes to be her most reliable adornment.

We zoom out of the in-depth discussion with my final question on the fashion fundamental Sonica swears by, and she smiles, a hint to the answer she’s about to give: “Be yourself. The trends keep changing and are impossible to keep up with. As long as you feel comfortable and confident in an outfit, know that you
can rock anything. And remember to smile. That is perhaps the best accessory a girl can wear.”

What is the one item of clothing you wouldn’t travel without?
“An oversized T-shirt definitely goes with me everywhere!”

“A pair of studs because they can never go wrong with any outfit, a pair of oversized sunglasses to elevate any
look, travel-sized perfumes to keep you fresh through the day, rings – lots of them to add a touch of glam, and
a nude pink lipstick that goes with just everything.”

For a fun day with friends or family, Sonica steps into an oversized graphic T-shirt from Zara and a pair of black jean shorts from H&M. She accessorises herself with a locally-sourced bracelet and neck piece, and completes the look with earrings and boots from Zara, along with a pair of glasses from Gucci

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