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In the mood to net-flicks & chill? Here’s what to watch this November

by Masalathai Admin

The most binge-worthy releases on Netflix, Prime, and Disney +

By Shaan Bajaj


My Policeman is based on a novel of the same name, written by Beth Roberts. It is set in 1950s Britain and follows the relationship of policeman Tom, who is played by the sensational Harry Styles, his partner and teacher Marion, and a museum curator, Patrick. As Tom tries to live up to the expectations of the times, Patrick offers him a chance to explore a forbidden romance. Directed by Michael Grandage, the film attempts to comment on lost queer relationships and social change.
Release date: 4th November

The game is afoot again! Following the success of her first film, dynamic Millie Bobby Brown returns to our screens to solve crimes as a professional detective for the first time, starting with the mystery of a missing girl. As the story unfolds, her friends and brother
Sherlock – played by the dashing Henry Cavill – help her solve the case once and for all. The series is directed by Harry Bradbeer, who is known for his work in the first Enola Holmes (2020), Fleabag (2016–2019) and Killing Eve (2018–2022), and the screenplay is written by Jack Thorne.
Release date: 4th November

After a two-year wait, the much-anticipated season five of The Crown returns. This new season follows the British Royal family throughout the 1990s, a period that witnessed the breakdown of the marriages of Queen Elizabeth II’s three children, culminating in the tragic and very public death of Princess Diana. This season features an entirely new cast, with Imelda Staunton as our new Queen Elizabeth II. She shares the screen with Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, while Dominic West plays Prince Charles and Elizabeth Debicki portrays Princess Diana.

What’s that you hear? The sound of a happily ever after? No, that is just our beloved Giselle making a comeback after 15 years away. This sequel follows the unprecedented success of Enchanted (2007), where fairy-tale princess Giselle, played by the phenomenal Amy Adams, finds her true love in mundane divorce lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey) from New York City. In the sequel, Giselle moves her family to a suburban community in the hopes of a more ‘enchanted’ life. However, she is met with a mean queen bee, and a whole new set of rules. She turns to magic for help, but accidently transforms the entire town into a real-life fairy tale, jeopardising the happiness of her family.
Release date: 24th November

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