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Gulp BKK launches their new project, Gulp Chan, and we have the first look!

by Ashima

The liquor store, bar and restaurant guarantees a fun time for all.

By Shaan Bajaj

Earlier this week on the 30th of March, Gulp BKK opened their very first bottle showroom, bar and restaurant, Gulp Chan. Alongside other media, Masala was invited to have a first look at the new venue during their grand opening ceremony, where we enjoyed an afternoon filled with activities and a chance to taste their delicious signature Gulp burger.

When we arrived, the afternoon began with a refreshing welcome drink and an introductory speech from Managing Director of Gulp, Vikram Arunagiri. He walked us through the journey of establishing Gulp as well as how he conceptualised the store. He explained how Gulp hopes to create an environment where friends can open a bottle and enjoy a chill evening, or learn more about becoming at-home bartenders themselves with the different activities Gulp Chan plans to host at the venue in the near future. 

Following a tour of the bar-cum-restaurant, it was time to give one of the activities a go! We had the opportunity to choose between a Gin Candle Workshop or a Chivas Whisky Blending Session. I opted for the blending session, which was hosted by Polly Brooks, a Chivas Regal Brand Ambassador. While sipping on a highball, we were given a brief history of Chivas as well as some advice on how to properly taste whisky (we tasted seven). It was then our turn to have a go at making our own blends. I found the activity to be fun and informative, and it would make a perfect evening for friends.

While I was learning about whisky, two other members of the Masala team attended the Gin Candle Workshop where they learned how to make their own scented candle. It began with melting wax, then adding scents, choosing colours, and decorating the candle. After crafting their own candles, they were then taught how to make a classic gin & tonic using Hendrick’s Gin. The workshop was very well thought out and offered participants memorabilia to take home to remember the experience.

To end the day, we had the opportunity to taste the delicious signature Gulp burger made by Chef Leonard Nigro. The burger was available in three varieties: the Classic, the Pork Katsu, or the Mushroom Burger. I sampled the latter that was served with a side of Chilli fries and Truffle Parmesan Fries (my mouth is watering just thinking about it!).

Now that they have seen the grand opening through, Gulp Chan are ready to welcome all guests and ensure you will have a memorable evening. In April, they are planning to host a mixologist class, gin candle workshop, and wine yoga. Located in Sathorn, the bright yellow and black store is impossible to miss! 

For more information, visit their social media platforms:

Facebook: @gulpchanbkk |

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