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Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park hosts the third edition of the Talad Thai India

by Aiden

Food, jewellery, clothing & lots more. 

By Natasha Sethi 

The Talaad Thai India returned for its third edition this past weekend, taking place over two days at the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. There were approximately 100 booths selling a plenitude of products including Indian ethnic wear, exquisite jewelry, endearing home decor, and of course, lots and lots of food products. 

Whiffs of the freshly-cooked Indian cuisine dominated the space, welcoming anyone that walked through the door and temporarily teleporting us to India. The outdoor area was filled with food and drinks vendors selling coffee, kuay tiew, samosas, and pasta, amongst other offerings. 

The first two editions of the talaad, held in September and October 2020, respectively, were a considerable success, with the footfall for both exceeding 1000. Even though the vendors were predominantly Thai-Indian artisans, the attendees consisted of Indians, Thais, and foreigners. 

The theme of this family-friendly market and the Talad Thai India, in general, is to support small businesses owned and run by Thai-Indians in Thailand. The expeditious increase of homegrown businesses in the last year is the reason behind these events. Plans for future editions will include hosting these events quarterly.

“There are numerous Indian communities here in Thailand,” organiser Prasert Sakjiraphong told Masala during a brief interview at the fair,  “and the aim of these events is to bridge the gap between the communities, and celebrate Indian festivals in Thailand by taking India throughout Thailand.” Overall, it’s safe to say that this third edition of the Talaad Thai India did just that. 

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