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The 1st International Youth Leadership Conference 2021 was a resounding success

by Aiden

26 dynamic speakers at the forefront of their fields gave their insights.

On the 23rd of May, the Gandhi Institute, a think tank and leadership training centre based out of Rangsit University Thailand, held the first ever International Youth Leadership Conference 2021. Hosted entirely on the online Zoom platform, the panel consisted of 26 Thai-Indian youths leading their respective fields, who tuned in from around the world to give their individual insights on new trends in education and career planning. Moderated by organiser Sanjay Kumar and attended by a far-reaching international audience, the conference was a lively discussion between all the eminent speakers, who brought up unique talking points and participated in dynamic debate.

The five key takeaways from the conference were:

1. Degrees are not important anymore. Education is a lifelong process, while health and wellness are equally important;

2. Flexibility, adaptability and compatibility with technological advancements are key skills required to compete in a fast-changing, educational environment;

3. People can define their our own success, which is achievable through creativity, innovation, and the determination to acquire new knowledge each day;

4. The real challenge for the youth of today has been the COVID-19 pandemic, which has restricted them in terms of in-person socialisation and learning. However, it has also highlighted the importance of not giving up, and having a social support system;

5. Virtual learning is the current reality, and therefore new skills must be learnt every day. Getting an education in a relevant field is always important, but in order to succeed, it’s important to acquire transferable skills, which are in very high in demand.

Congratulations to all the panellists who participated in the conference and volunteered their valuable time and insights to the group. The list of panellists is included below:

Aakansha Singh

Anmol Tak

Bhanupriya Parasar

Dr. Velankanni Alex

Eshita Shah

Isabelle Dacanay

Jagriti Shukul

Jyotipapak Rattanasomrerk

Lavissha Kapoor

Manish Singh

Megha Jogani

Neha Tulsyan Agarwal 

Dr. O.P. Yadav

Prajawal Daulat Bhosale

Rattiyakorn Dacanay

Sheetal Kumar Agrawalla 

Shivam Wacharawuthikorn 

Shreya Agrawal 

Shobha Mallaiah 

Sonam Singhal

Sonia Parwani

Utkarsh Gupta 

Ved Vyas

Venu Kumar Ranga

Vishanun Pandey

Vidushi Singh

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