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Fashion and beauty trends to look out for in 2022

by Aiden

From eye-searing colours to 3D embellishments, the future looks bright!

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

The last two years may have been a protracted sweatpants season, but this 2022, we can finally show off the fruits of our labour…or at least of our online shopping. Here’s our curation of the couture runway trends that are sure to hit the streets in the new year.


Solar shades are the look du jour next year, from clashing crimson-and- pink combos, to 50 shades of yellow, to warm metallics like gold and bronze. Look out for these colours to make a big splash in athleisure, but also in matching pantsuits and even neon eyeliners.


If hemlines really do go up with the economy, then hold on to your stocks because we’re in for a bullish run this season. While pantsuits are a classic, suit sets with miniskirts are (literally) on the rise, and the name of the game is plaid and patterns that make an impact. Still Clueless about what to wear? Don’t worry, you’re already on the right track.


Superhero season is back, both on the big screen and on the runway. Sorry, Edna Mode, but the cape effect is in this year, and so are asymmetricaltrains on skirts, the more bizarre the better. Want to adopt a subtler homage to heroes of old? Go full Greek goddess and embrace draped fabrics and wet-look dresses that look like they’re carved out of marble.


It’s time to show off the results of your home workouts (or barring that, your proud #wfh paunch) because midriffs are à la mode, and the more you see the merrier. From oversized cropped sweaters to low-rise trousers, abs are abs-olutely in trend and if an aunty objects, just stick a lehenga below your blouse and you’re back to looking respectable.


Life isn’t all black and white…except when it comes to style this year, from bold stripes (bonus points if they involve an accent colour); to polka dots and zebra prints. Although the combination is a classic, don’t be afraid to stand out with unconventional cuts, asymmetry, and eye-catching appeal. 


For all the tactile people out there, this trend’s for you. From fringes that hit the ground, big crocheted knits, frayed edges, sequins, and a revival of the 90s popcorn tops, it’s all about texture next year. And not just for clothes, either – metallic add-ons and stick-on face embellishments are the makeup looks en vogue.


If there’s one thing that’s come out of our two-year loungewear streak, it’s the acknowledgement that comfort is key. Oversized suit jackets, slouchy trousers, and trenches are here to stay (often paired with a bikini top to keep it flirty), as well as oversized hair accessories to match the look.

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