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With numbers rising, here’s how and where to donate towards COVID-19 relief

by Aiden

Charity begins at home, whether that’s in Thailand or in India.

By The Masala Team

Although we’ve all heard of, and experienced, the worsening COVID-19 situation both here and in India, the silver lining is that once again the community has come together to show their compassion and generosity towards those in need. More than just giving a round of applause to these organisations, volunteers, and frontliners, we’d also like to give a little more, so we’ve put together a list of some ways that you can donate to help however you can – what may be small change for us is often a big change in the lives they’ve touched!


Bangkok Community Help, which was founded by Greg Lange and Friso Poldervaart from Dinner from the Sky, has partnered with Sunrise Tacos and Thum Dee Dai Dee to donate food, household necessities, and dry goods to those in need, primarily in the COVID-ravaged Khlong Toey slums. An initiative with plenty of volunteers and donors, including the Indian Women’s ClubMama’s Indian restaurant, and the Pakistan Cricket Club, they are averaging over 2,000 meals a day, with each meal costing THB 19. To support the cause, please send funds to Bank of Ayudhya account number 253-1-29627-4 or via PayPal at
For more information: visit their Facebook: @BkkCommunityHelp or their website


The Dev Mandir, Hindu Samaj Bangkok have organised the ‘Thailand COVID-19 Relief Fund’ with the message, “not everyone has a home and a family [while they battle] COVID-19, it is now our turn to give
generously to help those in need.” The fund seeks to raise money to purchase food items, disinfectant, sanitisers, and masks for communities across Thailand. Every little bit counts, so if you’d like to donate, please transfer funds to Krungsri Bank account number 036-1-17714-6.
For more information: call the office at 081 911 9129; Kanika at 081 819 2367; or Seema at 081 801 5658 or visit their Facebook: @devmandirtemple


Led by Kiran Shanker, the Kiiran Care Foundation works to support underprivileged communities across Thailand. Along with ongoing development projects, the organisation has been doing a lot to help those that have been badly affected by the pandemic. If you’d like to contribute to their work, the organisation is looking for donations to procure food packets that consist of dry food, cooking oil, sugar, and other goods.
For more information, visit their Facebook: @KiranCarefoundation


Vikram and his team at Gulp BKK, with the support of several members of the Indian community and establishments like SIRI HOUSE and Red Catering, have been hard at work over the last few weeks providing hundreds of meals a day to those who have been disadvantaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. To make these meals, the team requires cash donations as well as donations of non-perishables to replenish their ingredients like rice, oil, sauces, and more.
To enquire, visit their Facebook: @GulpBKK


The IAT have organised several projects to help India by donating oxygen to COVID-19 patients, and have asked the community to “donate generously.” Donating approximately THB 4,000 will buy six cubic cylinders, and they have already sent 100 cylinders to India, which reached Delhi via the Royal Thai Air Force. India needs all the oxygen it can get right now, so if you’re interested in donating, please transfer funds to Thanachart Bank account number 680-300-0564, tax ID 099 300 033 6992.
For more information, visit their Facebook: @indianassociationofthailand


Amarjit Kaur Doowa, with the help of Indian community members, have been supporting those less fortunate throughout the pandemic as part of an ongoing sewa. They have donated necessary food items to sustain hundreds families of families in slums around the Prachauthit area. In May alone, they have donated groceries to 200+ families. If you would like to support her work, THB 250 can provide necessities like rice, oil and milk. You can send your money to Kasikorn Bank account 020-1-62409-6.
For more information, visit her Facebook: @amarjit.doowa or call 081 828 3224


An inspired group of community members have been doing weekly donation runs to support the local community as the pandemic rages on. They do runs every Sunday to distribute hot meals, canned food, fruit , and other items like MAMA noodles, tinned fish, and more. If you would like to contribute to the finances of the project or donate goods, send a message to Shayan at 084 460 0067, Kanika at 081 772 3237, or Nicky at 089 796 9209.

This is only a short list of the many organisations who have tirelessly donated their time and funds to help those affected by the pandemic. If you knowany that are currently accepting donations, please email aiden@masalathai.comso that we can feature them as part of our web article.

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