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Click ‘follow’ on these seven South Asian, body-positive fashion influencers.

by Masalathai Admin

The plus point

By Shaan Bajaj

I hate shopping, or actually, I hate shopping in an industry that celebrates and upholds only skinny and petite body types. Walking into a store like that instantly sends out a, “you’re not welcome here” message to anyone who does not fit into their beauty standards like a snug pair of jeans.

As fashion designers focus on making garments for smaller body types, even when they do try to cater towards plus-size bodies, they often fall behind. Plus-size individuals should not have to wear ugly oversized clothes or have to shop from the men’s section, just because fashion labels refuse to design clothes that flatter different body types. Following this train of thought, the fashion community has witnessed a push for more inclusive clothing options, and we have started to see more body-positive options that are fun, sexy, and designed with plus-size bodies in mind.

To understand how to style curvy bodies better, whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a loved one, here are seven South Asian fashion influencers to keep up with. Some have also shared their number one fashion rule with us:

NIKHIL KAPOOR (@posh_heat)
Nikhil is the founder of a men’s fashion label, Posh Heat, catering to plus-size
menswear. They often post ‘get ready with me’ vlogs and ‘fit photos’ across their platforms, while being a living, breathing example of having fun with fashion. Nikhil’s fashion rule: It’s not like we were born in clothes or meant to wear clothes, so fashion clothes as your own, no matter who you are or what you look like.

AASHNA BHAGWANI (@aashna_bhagwani)
Award-winning content creator, Aashna, is all about promoting self-love through fashion. She shares fashionably-styled outfits while commenting on the industry’s pitfalls. Her styling techniques speak to the global desi woman, who is looking for a bold, seductive, and chic wardrobe.

SAKSHI SINDWANI (@stylemeupwithsakshi)
Sakshi has been recognised by Forbes for her infl uence within the fashion
industry alongside many other magazines. She has built an authentic presence as
a plus-size model and fashion infl uencer, with vlogs such as 15 Days of Bridesmaids
Fits and Corporate but Make it Fashion! If you do not know where to start, Sakshi’s
content is informative and easy to apply to your wardrobe.

DIKSHA SINGHI (@alwaysalittleextra)
Diksha is the founder of a jewellery and plus-size fashion brand, who often shares her thoughts on plus-size fashion, while speaking up on the social stigma around being a big girl. Her content is fresh, honest, and helpful for any other big girls looking to learn how to style themselves.
Diksha’s fashion rule: Whatever they say about size and rules, does not matter.
Fashion is supposed to be fun, spontaneous, and something that resonates with you.

BISHAMBER DAS (@bishamberdas)
Bishamber is Britain’s first plus-size Asian model who advocates for body positivity. She has been featured in campaigns for Radley, Adidas, and other popular British brands while also acting in Punjabi music videos and an upcoming movie.
Bishamber’s fashion rule: ‘there is beauty in being different’ – being beautiful is not one rule or standard, we all have beauty within us.

TANVI GEETHA RAVISHANKAR (@thechubbytwirler)
Tanvi is an award-winning fashion influencer, dancer, model, and fashion stylist who blogs about plus-size fashion, the latest trends and where people like her can shop from, including ideas on how to style their clothes. Her content is incredibly positive and uplifting. Tanvi’s fashion rule: I dress to express myself or my mood for the day and never to slim myself down

SEPHRA ANTHONY (@savagesephra)
Sephra is a US-based model, blogger, and content creator. Her Instagram often features her OOTDs, and how she acquired her looks. She brings her energetic and fun personality to all her content, encouraging you to dress as you please.
Sephra’s fashion rule: We always hear, “no horizontal stripes, no whites, no this or that,” but my rule is wear whatever you want confidently. There are no rules in this game, as long as you own it.

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