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Your guide to 2021’s swankiest new motors

by Natasha

Eyes on the road.

By Tom Mclean

While last year might have been a bit of a rough ride, you can cruise through 2021 in style with these innovative new automobiles. From futuristic electric SUVs, to augmented reality windshields, Masala recommends you keep an eye on these fancy new autos.

PORSCHE 911 TURBO (image featured above)

Thailand Launch Date: Q3 2020 
Price: From THB 18,000,000

The definitive sports car is raised to another level with this 2021 model. With a top speed of 205 mph, this eye- catching performance vehicle can reach 60mph in 2.6 seconds, ferrying with it the company’s rich heritage and history.

The addition of rear seating makes this the ideal vehicle for dropping the kids off at school in style, while its incredible performance adds to its accessibility, allowing drivers of any skill-level to speedily navigate Bangkok’s twisty sois with ease.

Many critics consider the 911 Turbo to be the pinnacle of the 911 series, pushing the boundaries of the model’s power and balancing it out with intuitively- designed comfort and convenience. This is the car of choice for the consummate recreational motorist, or for those who dream of cruising along the motorways, while taking in your favourite tunes from a Bose surround-sound stereo.


Thailand Launch Date: Q4 2020
Price: From THB 35,900,000

Crafted according to Rolls Royce’s self- styled post-opulent design philosophy, a glimpse of this luxury automobile will no doubt have hedonist gearheads salivating at the mouth.

Favouring genuine luxury and self- indulgence over more ostentatious flaunting, the devil is in the details with this painstakingly handmade car.

Both its exterior and interior have an otherworldly edge; its illuminated grille glows brightly at night, while a mesmerising digital visage of shooting stars can be seen on the interior dashboard panels and ceiling when the car is in motion.

The doors have been configured to open effortlessly, creating the illusion of having your own personal chauffeur acting as a doorman, while a built-in champagne fridge and heated umbrella holders offer an additional, decadent flourish. Named in honour of Rolls Royce’s 1906 Silver Ghost, this vehicle is the ultimate ode to wealth and luxury.


Thailand Launch Date: TBA 
Expected Price: $$$$

The seventh generation of Mercedes- Benz’s S-Class series, the W223 model is a happy marriage of timeless luxury and cutting-edge amenities. The car’s optional augmented-reality HUD is one of this vehicle’s most high-tech selling-points, turning your driving experience into something akin to a video game. Arrows and icons appear on your windshield guiding you to your destination, with active distance assist helping you ascertain the amount of space between your car and other objects.

The W223’s carefully crafted intuitiveness doesn’t end there. It can also detect poor air quality and automatically close its windows and sunroof, making it the car of choice for Bangkok’s perpetual smog season. Its classic aesthetic is also veryappealing, adopting definitive design elements from previous Mercedes-Benz models. Prices start from USD 109,800 for this deluxe vehicle in the United States, so it will no doubt sell for an especially hefty sum when it reaches Thailand.


Thailand Launch Date: TBA 
Expected price: $$

Futurism is the word that sums up this stylish, fully-electric crossover SUV. A winning combination of cutting-edge technology and refined designs make this environmentally-friendly car both aesthetically pleasing, and highly practical. From its illuminated front logo, to its space-age Japan-inspired curvature, this striking automobile channels dreams of an optimistic future. Featuring two 12.3-inch touchscreens, which are used to control Nissan’s ProPilot 2.0 autonomous driving system, the Nissan Ariya can go from 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds and the car’s built-in battery can quick-charge from 5 to 80 percent in approximately 45 minutes. Nissan’s previous electric-powered Asia release, the Nissan Kicks E-Power, went a long way in pushing Southeast Asian countries towards adopting electric cars and it’s hoped that the Ariya will go even further. It’s not yet 100 percent confirmed if the Ariya will be making its way to Thailand in 2021, but if so, it’s a go-to pick if you want a stylish zero-emission ride.


Thailand Launch Date: TBA 
Expected price: $$$

Literally and figuratively electrifying, BMW’s second fully-electric model is a big step up from their 2020 zero-emission hatchback, the BMW i3. While the i3 failed to wow critics with its divisive aesthetic design, the IX3 follows BMW’s tried and tested approach to curvature and visual appeal, while adopting and upgrading the i3’s technology and design philosophy.

The car boasts 1560 litres of boot space, a range of 285 miles, and the ability to go from 0-62mph in 6.8 seconds. It’s also planned to be sold for a sensible startingprice, making it a sure-fire pick for drivers who value efficiency and simplicity.


Thailand Launch Date: TBA 
Expected price: $

Even at a quick glance, it’s clear that the newest entry into the Honda Civic series is a far more clean-cut beast than previous models. With a smootherand more rounded design than the tenth generation Civic, Honda is using every trick in the book to broaden this newest entry’s market appeal. The new model’s minimalistic approach can be seen reflected in the interior too, with a contemporary layout giving the driver’s seat a more spacious atmosphere.

A fully digital gauge cluster also adds to the clean aesthetic while the new, freestanding 9-inch infotainment screen reintroduces a physical volume knob, so drivers won’t have to worry about fiddling with a touchscreen when they need to crank up the noise. All these subtle improvements and more make the eleventh generation Honda Civic a solid choice for a reasonably-priced and modern automobile.


Thailand Launch Date: Q1/Q2 2021 
Expected price: $

Predicted to reach Thailand in the first half of 2021, this crossover SUV promises to be a game-changer for the country’s automobile market, due in part to its remarkably economical pricing.

The Haval H6 marks Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors’ Thailand debut, having bought out General Motors’ Rayong plant in mid-2020.

The best selling SUV in China as of 2015, this comfortable and spacious car is fitted with an assortment of forward- looking features, including over-the-air firmware upgrades and 5G compatibility. From its sizable grille to its substantial body, the Haval H6 mellows out its ample width with a touch of Asian inspired minimalism. Redundant stylistic flourishes are few and far between, resulting in a vehicle made for sensible eyes and wallets.

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