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Escape the heat with these Indian Summer Drinks

by Nikki Kumar

Feeling parched? Check out these refreshing summer quenchers.


As the Thai summer beckons with its warm embrace, there’s no better response than to take shelter from the sweltering heat with a chilled beverage. Amidst this season, let us embrace the art of staying cool and hydrated, retreating in the crispness of icy cold drinks, that not only regulate our body temperature, but replenish the soul with a touch of home. 

Join us on our Indian summer quenchers crawl, where every sip promises to whisk you away to the sun kissed shores of the sweet coast. Soak in the warmth of the sun as you indulge in our hand-picked selection of quenchers.


Sweet lassi (THB 180++)

Consumed by Punjabi farmers for many centuries, this quintessential dairy-based beverage isn’t just a thirst quencher, it’s the crème de la crème of refreshment. IndusSweet lassi sets the standard, with a perfect blend of creamy yoghurt, frosty ice, and just a hint of sweetness, it is a summer staple done right – one that nourishes your body and soul with every sip.

Indian Pomegranate Mojito (THB 320++)

Let’s get fizzical… Indus’ refreshing twist on the cult-classic Mojito that is just mint to be. This juicy mocktail is a symphony of bubbles, punchy crushed mint, and pomegranate cordial. Each sip is a burst of flavor, kissed by the sweet tang of pomegranate and the invigorating whisper of mint. Adorned with a sprig of mint and a sprinkle of ruby red seeds, this mojito is a visual and textural invitation to tame the scorching summer rays. 

Instagram: @indusbkk


Draupadi (THB 180++)

Tangy green mango, kickin’ habanero, and ginger for some heat? Yes, please! This rejuvenating beverage fuses the sweet tartness of green mangoes with a touch of ginger’s warmth and a hint of habanero’s fire. To enhance its suitability for summer, this beverage is mixed with ice to craft the ultimate frozen blend. Balanced with pink salt and secret magic masala, each sip evokes the nostalgia of childhood summers spent savoring mangoes dusted with sugar and chili. 

Dushala (THB 180++)

Named after another character in the Mahabharata epic, Dushala is a fruity “sacred juice” mocktail that quite literally popped off in our line-up. The drink comes in two components. First, pomegranate seeds, an orange icicle sphere, and popping candy await nestled in the glass vessel. Secondly, a medley of berry and roselle mix. This means you can pour the mix in and listen intently. Almost instantly, the pop rocks become immersed in liquid, and the quencher comes to life. This mocktail feels and tastes like it should be drunk out of a golden chalice.  

Instagram: @jholbkk


Chilled pineapple rasam (Complimentary welcome drink for diners)

Introducing a refreshing twist on the traditional South Indian consommé, this summer bevvy from NILA offers a unique and unforgettable taste experience. Personally, this drink made me nostalgic for those OG street side pani puri stalls. With a flavour profile that combines a gentle zestiness, subtle sweetness, and aromatic notes from charred pineapple, it captures the essence of sunshine in every sip. Whether you’re craving a cooling refreshment or a hint of spice, this summer concoction promises to delight your taste buds and elevate your summer sipping experience like never before!

Instagram: @nilabkk


Thandai (THB 150++)

Holi? Meet ThandaiMarigold by Chef Garima Arora’s take on the beloved festive drink savoured during the vibrant and colorful celebrations of Holi. Thandai is a traditional desi drink brewed with a blend of almonds, pistachio, milk, black peppercorn, and saffron – offering a uniquely nutty and peppery palate that’s both indulgent and refreshing. This cooling refreshment is ideal for color splashing away, but also year-round when you want to laze in the shade. The Thandai is made fresh-to-order, and available for both delivery and catering.

Instagram: @marigold.delights


Mango lassi (THB 150)

Lassi, but not least, we tried out Ekka Indian Grill & Bar’s Mango lassi, made with yoghurt, cream, fresh cardamom, and of course, the star of the show: mangoes. While many prefer the usual sweet or salted lassi, to us, the addition of mango elevates the existing sharp notes of the yoghurt, creating an ensemble of vibrant, lush, and homey. Presented in a tall glass and topped with shaved almonds for that textural delight. 

Instagram: @ekkabkk

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