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Explore the pathways to future wellness

by Nikki Kumar

An overview of the Top Health Trends as we move into 2024.

By Ayush Madan

Health advice and practices are the most rapidly changing and evolving part of our society. As science and technology advance to new frontiers, the data we have access to increases exponentially, leading to new breakthroughs that help us maximise the length and quality of our lives. The following are some trends that have been prominent among health-conscious individuals, and are gaining traction as we begin the new year.


As soon as possible after you wake up, go outside and get 15 minutes of direct natural sunlight. In recent years, there have been numerous studies recognising the importance of bright light early in the morning. By exposing ourselves to the sun early in the day, we can improve our mental health, reduce our risk of obesity and diabetes, and get better sound sleep at night. This is because light sets our circadian clock for the day by stopping the release of melatonin and stimulating cortisol production which kick starts your day. Make sure to do the opposite at night by reducing exposure to blue-light for healthy regulation of your circadian rhythm.


It is standard for appliances like your water heater, washer, or refrigerator to be electrically grounded to prevent shock. But what if we told you your body is similarly vulnerable to the electrical disturbances in the environment? In a study from 2015, results showed that grounding reduced muscle damage and pain post-exercise, while another recent study showed positive correlation between grounding and mood improvement. The science behind the theory is that grounding affects the living matrix which connects all living cells in your body. This electrical conductivity is thought to function as an immune system defence, so activities like walking barefoot, laying on the ground, or even swimming can balance your electrical potential and restore the natural defences of the body


Give the bench press a breather, lads, because 2024 is all about mobility. Being strong and muscular is a feat that requires hard work and commitment, but you are not reaping the full benefits of your exercises without mobility training. By increasing your range in motion, not only do you become more flexible, but you are also able to perform your lifts smoother, and with less risk of injury. This in turn will make it easier for you to lift heavier weights and become stronger, and your tendons and joints will thank you for it. Here are a few mobility exercises to increase your range of motion:

  • Kettlebell arm bar
  • Seated 90/90 hip internal and external rotation
  • Half-kneeling hip flexor stretch
  • Rocking ankle mobilisation
  • Mini band overhead reach


For years now, Apple Watches and Fitbits have featured sleep tracking capabilities, which have only trickled down into more devices in recent years. Everyone wants to know how well they are sleeping, since the quality and duration of your sleep directly affects your health and wellbeing. The Oura Ring Horizon is an all-in-one sleep tracker which tracks your REM sleep, irritability, resting heart rate, and averages all the information to give you a sleep score. Alternatively, you can also purchase a Withings Sleep Tracking Mat which works similarly to the Oura ring but sits discreetly under your mattress. Besides tossing and turning or snoring, there are other indicators of sleep quality. For men, specifically, the Adam Sensor is a new product which tracks the health of your manhood during sleep. Healthy men experience 3-5 erections every hour of sleep, and having less could be linked to cardiovascular diseases or a hormonal imbalance.


Nutrigenomics is the study of how genes and nutrition interact in your body. Changes in specific genes like the FTO (fat mass and obesity-associated protein) can reveal your metabolism level, weight management, and body composition. Learning how your genes are encoded can help you tackle problems like high blood pressure by creating a diet which works specifically for your health needs. An easy swab test can give you a full background of your food allergies like lactose intolerance, or possible sensitivities to gluten. Every individual needs similar macronutrients, but nailing the optimal amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats that work best for your meals can be the key to losing weight, gaining muscle, and living a healthier life. You can easily test your genes by using services like 23andMe and LifeDNA.


As South Asian stigma surrounding mental health continues to fade, many in our community have started using apps marketed to improve our mental wellbeing. Headspace and Calm are the most popular meditation and sleep apps on the app store, with each service offering relaxing music, sleep-casts, and guided meditation and breathwork modules. With the advent of AI, there are also several popular apps which offer AI-assisted cognitive behavioural therapy for combatting depression and other illnesses. A local app called Sati by Thai-Indian Amornthep Sachamuneewongse has garnered mass attention in the past year for its unique offering of a service where you can speak to someone on the other end while remaining anonymous. This way users can talk freely about what is on their mind and reduce their anxiety by simply sharing what is bothering them to a helpful ear.


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