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The PlayStation 5 is now set to launch in Thailand. Here’s everything you need to know before you buy

by Tom

Plus five launch titles to kick-off your next-gen gaming experience.

By Tom McLean

After its initial debut on 12th November 2020, the PlayStation 5 is finally making its way to Thailand.

Pre-orders for the eagerly-anticipated console are set to begin on 22nd January, with the console being released on 5th February, giving fans precious few weeks to save up their pocket money. The console will be available for pre-order from Sony, as well as other leading videogame retailers across the country.

There will be two different PS5 models available for purchase, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (THB 13,990) and the regular PlayStation 5 (THB 16,990).

While the regular version costs a bit more than it’s digital-only counterpart, it will no doubt be the console of choice for most die-hard gamers, due to its inclusion of a disc drive. For those who have a sizable collection of PS4 games on disc, the drive will allow players to dive back into many of their favourite titles, while also allowing future game purchases to be sold on, after completion.

As the name suggests, the digital version will only allow games to be played from digital purchases and downloads, though if you have a backlog of digital PS4 games attached your PlayStation network account, most of these should be playable too.

Backwards compatibility is a major selling point for the PlayStation 5, with numerous PS4 games set to be playable on the console. In addition to that, many of these backwards compatible games will take advantage of the PS5’s advanced hardware, boasting enhanced framerates and resolutions.

Of course, a console would be nothing without a decent selection of games to play on it.  Fortunately, the PS5 has a range of flashy launch titles for you to jump into upon release. Masala recommends these top five launch games to show off your new console:

  1. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

This sizable spin-off of the PlayStation exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise is the perfect title to flaunt your new console’s powerful tech. Options for 60 frames-per-second gameplay and ray-tracing make this game visually breath-taking, while exhilarating action and an expertly crafted, zero-to-hero storyline will keep you glued to your screen. 

  1. Demon’s Souls (2020)

 A stunning remake of the cult-classic role-playing game, which was originally released for the PS3, Demon’s Souls delivers more of the same challenging gameplay as the original, bolstered by phenomenal visuals and electrifying haptic feedback from the PS5’s landmark DualSense controller. If you can get past the high difficulty curve, this is one release you won’t be able to put down.

  1. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

While already a phenomenal game on the base PS4, the PS5’s incredible hardware raises this title to a whole new level. 60 fps gameplay and enhanced resolutions will make your Viking adventures even more exhilarating, while dramatically improved loading times will mean you spend less time waiting and more time pillaging.

  1. Hitman 3

While not strictly a launch title, by the time the PS5 releases in Thailand, this stealth-action game will be available for purchase. The newest entry into the universally-acclaimed Hitman franchise, realism is the focus of this title, with stunning next-gen lighting and textures complimenting the atmospheric gameplay.

  1. Watch Dogs: Legion

While lambasted as buggy and poorly optimised for the PS4 upon its initial release, the PS5’s next-gen hardware has given this open world, sandbox game a new lease of life.  With ray-tracing, boosted visual fidelity, and smoother gameplay, this London-based actioner will finally worth picking up.



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