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Support COVID-19 Isolation Centres across Bangkok through the Pak Ping Project

by Ashima

Launched by Global Shapers Bangkok, here’s what you can do.

The Global Shapers Community is an initiative launched by the World Economic Forum to connect and form a network of young people working together to address an array of local, regional, and global challenges.

The Bangkok chapter, Global Shapers Bangkok (GSBKK), comprises of 35 members who are committed to creating positive and sustainable change in their communities. An example of one of the initiatives that launched by the GSBKK is the ‘Pak Ping Project,’ which aims to help with COVID-19 relief in Thailand.

Centered on the belief that “the victory over illness starts with equitable and accessible healthcare,” the Pak Ping Project serves to accelerate the launch and support the operations of COVID-19 Community Isolation Centres (CICs) across Bangkok.

Through this campaign, the group aims to launch additional centres to aid with the current influx of cases, supply existing centres with the required equipment, and facilitate the CICs operations by providing meals. Given the pressure the mounting COVID-19 cases are putting on Thailand’s current medical infrastructure, this project hopes to function as an additional pillar of support for all healthcare professionals.

Earlier this year, it was widely reported that hospitals and field hospitals around the country have reached their maximum capacity thus leading to the decision to establish CICs to give patients with mild symptoms a place to go should they be unable to isolate at home (due to risk of passing it to others) or unable to afford a ‘hospitel.’ The issue at hand is that currently CICs are under a lot of pressure with fears they will soon hit max capacity, therefore the project aims to assist with this ongoing problem.

In terms of strategy, the group have put together three layers of data mapping to pin point which CICs are in the most critical stages. This depends on factors and information from the Strategy of the Department of Medical Services, data from the platform, and insight from professionals working at CICs and frontline workers.

The initiative will follow a three-step approach beginning with the aforementioned ‘track’ stage to gather relevant information before moving onto the ‘fundraise’ stage to raise awareness of the campaign. This will be carried out via the GSBKK social platforms, celebrities and partners, media partners, and community networks.

Finally, once funds have been raised, they will be used to purchase and distribute essential equipment spanning pulse oximeters, thermometers, PPE equipment, masks, oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators, bed sheets and blankets, and fresh meals. The target fundraising amount stands at THB 300,000.

This is where YOU come in.

Your donations will help the group with the procurement of important equipment to accelerate their efforts to help CICs across the city and therefore help patients who do not have the privilege of home isolation.

To donate, send your funds to:

Krung Thai Bank (KTB)
Account Name: มูลนิธิยุวพัฒน์
Account Number: 0646019449

Some of the benefits you can expect after your donation include tax deductible receipts, PR on media partners, your logo on all social media, and a thank you post on all social media.

As we continue to face unprecedented times, any form of support is valuable!

For more information, visit the Global Shapers Bangkok website or Facebook page.

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