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Pride of Punjab

by Webmaster Masala

Punjab Grill Bangkok’s newest tasting menu promises a treat for the senses.

By Ashima Sethi

As a member of the internationally-recognised restaurant brand, Punjab Grill Bangkok has become one of our city’s most revered Indian eateries, successfully combining the authenticity of North Indian flavours with innovative flair in an exciting fine dining setting. The restaurant’s triumph is attributed to the creativity of renowned Chef Bharath Bhat, whose unique vision for contemporary Indian cuisine is drawn from his work experience at several Michelin-starred establishments. His experimentation with traditional recipes and fascination with evoking the senses, has translated into the creation of many inimitable dishes. So for anyone seeking an exclusive dining adventure, the restaurant’s two newest tasting menus offer an exciting sneak peek into Chef Bharath’s culinary brilliance.

As we walk up to the restaurant’s entrance outside Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit, we are immediately greeted by an intricately-embellished wooden door lit up by brass lamps. Once we step through, we can’t help but be in awe of the refined interiors that exude such world-class royalty. The dining area is beautifully decorated in shimmering brown accents; its sleek dark wooden tables highlighted by stylish gold tableware. Elegant cream-coloured curtains frame the room and doorways, while the classically-designed chandeliers lend a striking air of sophistication.

We are ushered to a table with views of the open kitchen with three authentic copper-clad tandoori ovens set behind a glass partition. This allowed us to enjoy all the excitement that goes into preparing each dish. It is not long after we are seated that Chef Bharath politely greets us and offers a tasteful explanation of the scrumptious meal we are about to enjoy.

Food and Drink

The à la carte menu is ideal for patrons who wish to indulge in creative variations of their favourite Indian dishes. We, on the other hand, opted for the Non-Vegetarian Tasting Menu (B1,490), which promises a six-course journey through the senses. There is also a Vegetarian Tasting Menu (B990) available that offers similar flavours with fresh plant-based ingredients.   

To begin, we were served a basket of crispy papadums with a variety of impressive house-made dips, including garlic cheese, mint and mango. All three were refreshing and rich in flavour. Our tasting menus then kicked off with the Lychee gol gappa and faux cider, which is brought to the table under a smoke-filled dome. Once served, the dome is lifted to reveal a puffed flour crisp filled with tangy lychee yoghurt and a spicy fizzy apple concoction served in a shot glass. The dish has the exciting crunch of a traditional gol gappa, but the flavours are entirely unexpected in the best of ways.

As seafood enthusiasts, we were excited for the Neelgiri jeenga, a tandoor roasted tiger prawn marinated in a mixture of spicy herbs and coconut, served with chilli mango salsa. The prawn’s smoky flavour is undeniable, while the mango’s sweetness perfectly accompanies the spicy nature of the dish. Next was the Gulabi murgh tikka, which elevates the much-loved chicken tikka recipe by marinating the meat’s thigh in beetroot juice. The succulent protein is complemented by a slightly sweet and rich pink peppercorn raita, an exciting twist for the tastebuds.

To prepare us for the delicious main course, we were presented with Cracked tellicherry black pepper and passionfruit sorbet, a refreshing palate cleanser that paved the way for Goshti ki boti. Cutlets of tandoor-roasted New Zealand lamb loin are redolent of exotic Indian spices, such as fennel and star anise, which gives the dish a mouth-watering aroma. The meat was deliciously tender and perfectly accompanied by rich and flavourful lamb gravy, which is best enjoyed with a warm olive tapenade naan.

Last was the Blueberry Kulfi Alaska, which is the chef’s rendition of the classic French dessert. When served, the dish is hidden under a large candy-floss dome, which is then drizzled with syrup and set alight, melting away to reveal a delicious cake topped with a light Italian-inspired meringue. The visually grandiose presentation is a testament to Chef Bharath’s passion for cooking, and a perfect ending to a wonderfully thought-out culinary adventure.

Similar to the diversity of their food menus, Punjab Grill Bangkok also offers top quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments to suit all diners. Their signature cocktails incorporate various herbs and spices that reflect the restaurant’s authenticity. Their talented mixologists are also more than happy to surprise you with something special to accompany your meal. Whisky aficionados will enjoy the exclusive whisky pairing for both vegetarian (B1,740) and non-vegetarian (B2,240) tasting menus. The spirits include the smooth Jameson Irish Whisky, the slightly sweeter J&B Rare Scotch and finally the well-rounded flavours of the Glenmorangie Original Single Malt. All three aim to heighten an already exceptional dining experience.

Punjab Grill Bangkok
Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit

23/2-3 Sukhumvit Soi 13

Open every day from 6pm to 11.30pm

Tel: 02 645 4952

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