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Enjoy a Juicy Piece of Classic Americana at Big Bite Burger Bar & Grill

by Venesa Daswani

A diner’s desire met. 

By: Mahmood Hossain

Growing up in California, I’ve always had an affinity for old-school American diners and their mouth-watering menus filled with traditional hamburgers, steaks, milkshakes, floats, and a slice of pie. An establishment of this nature flawlessly musters nostalgia, driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of a mum-and-pop shop atmosphere serving up plates of comfort food. But when a restaurant such as the Big Bite Burger Bar & Grill at the Courtyard Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is elevated by sophisticated aesthetics and ‘gourmet’ dishes, the experience can become an unforgettable one; pulling at the nostalgic strings while you take a bite out of some of the most surprisingly-delicious burgers you’ll have in Bangkok. In other words, there is both style and substance. I was genuinely taken aback by how good the food and presentation were overall. Selfishly, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “If only we could physically bring this burger joint closer to the centre of the city.” For those living nearby, even if you’re a couple of Airport Rail Link stations away, it would be a highly-recommended spot for a proper dine-in experience.



We cannot avoid the fact that Big Bite Burger Bar & Grill is a bit out of the way for some of us. But for others living nearby, please treat yourself and indulge. However, if we can look past the proximities for a second, you’ll realise that this establishment is absolutely pristine, justifying the high-resolution images you see in this very article. Perhaps it’s the low foot traffic or the staff taking extra care of every step of the serving process, but nothing seemed out of place. Either way, there’s a certain calm no matter where you choose to sit in the restaurant, from the booths to the bar. On one end you have a view of the hotel pool. On the other, a garden with frolicking wildlife adds to the warm, welcoming atmosphere. The inner-workings are equally impressive. The interior is gorgeously designed, with all the familiar 1950s design elements, such as the black and white checker patterns, retro décor, and the pop of colours found throughout. The red bar stools, neon pink signs placed on white tiles, vintage comic book-style art, all felt as if they were in their correct positions. The only thing missing was a jukebox and we would have easily thought we’d been transported to a mid-20th century diner in a small town along the Atlantic coast.


Before my eyes could burn a hole into their burgers that were being prepared in the open kitchen, the staff distracted me and my colleagues with a couple of sweet delights, such as the Sarsi rootbeer float (THB 240), a combination of vanilla ice cream and Sarsi cola. This was followed up by a tall beautiful glass of Freedom ‘n cookies (THB 240) – a cookies and cream, chocolate ice cream float with brownies.The latter was jaw-droppingly good; not dense, not overly sweet, and according to the hotel’s head of F&B, they were able to provide the highest quality ingredients without compromising sustainability practices. That’s a win-win in my book. The appetisers were a formidable bunch. We tucked into the juicy and flavourful Crispy buffalo chicken wings (THB 280), which tasted great with or without the blue cheese sauce; the soft and zesty Pan fried crab cake (THB 350) with mixed green salad, remoulade sauce and lemon wedge; and the refreshing Rodeo salad (240); all of which would have left us full on a regular visit. But on this day, gluttony reigned supreme because we were treated with a side order of Disco fries (THB 150), which we welcomed with open arms. And mouths. Now, for the main attractions: The seaside fish burger (THB 400) with garlic lemon mayo, lettuce, and creamy coleslaw; the Plant-powered burger (THB 360) with Beyond Meat, avocado, corn salad, tomato, lettuce, sauté mushroom, and cheddar cheese; and the New york striploin 12oz (THB 1,650). It is truly impressive how well the meat, in both the veg and non-veg burgers, is cooked and prepared. By the time we made our rounds, jumping from one dish to the other, the quality and taste of the ingredients remained consistent, even with the slight drop in temperature or after some time had passed. It left me genuinely perplexed. Surely, it has to be some culinary sorcery!


Courtyard Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport 599/9 Lat Krabang Road Lat Krabang Bangkok, Thailand 10520

Open daily from 5pm to 11pm

Tel: 02 780 3588





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