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Masala’s guide to how grooms can dress in trend and stand out

by Masalathai Admin

Dressing out of the box!

By Nina Phichitsingh

Indian wedding fashion has always been revolutionary and has never disappointed. However, while the evolution of women’s fashion has been innovative and is always fit for a princess, we must not leave out our significant princes. Here are eight trends for our treasured grooms, from shades, to prints, to pockets.


The last several wedding seasons we have enjoyed printed nehru jackets on top of solid-colour kurta sets. These next seasons, dare to try the opposite: a solid vest on top of a loud printed kurta set. The prints are still unique and imaginative, but are now pared down with a solid colour to make what’s below pop in a more distinctive way! SOUP by Sougat Paul plays with this concept well. For a modern look, the brand made a show-stopping East-meets-West fusion look, with a leather bundi featuring cutwork and zipper details, and a printed kurta and churidar that looks like an abstract painting.


We often underestimate the power of a pocket. Besides its functionality, a pocket can create a look that’s both powerful and matchless. Either pick a heavy design (such as rashem embroidery work) around the pocket, or accessorise with a brooch on a regular non-stylized pocket. Pick a brooch that’s timeless, such as a gold brooch with a coloured stone. For example, if you’re known to be a scholar, The Gold antique thinker brooch by Cosa Nostraa might be perfect for you. If your look doesn’t have pockets, but instead buttons, you could replace the standard buttons with stylized buttons, such as Cosa Nostraa’s Gold geometric medallion buttons with a touch of blue. Select something that not only enhances your look but also suits your personality and identity.


The colour pink on men has always looked dreamy and sweet. However, choosing the right shade of pink is imperative. No hot pinks, baby pinks or fuchsias; gravitate towards blush or coral pink, which are flattering on all skin tones but also classy and refined. For example, Charu and Vasundhara have a delicate Pink bamberg rohak hand embroidered sherwani set with a diamond and floral motif, hand-embroidered in English-rose pink.


Shawls aren’t just for women or the cold weather, though they’re always better if you’re getting married in the winter! Varun Bahl makes a beautiful men’s floral-embroidered spun-silk shawl that’s much more detailed and exquisite than the usual. These shawls
are also brilliant if you have a more monotone, simple outfit and want to accessorise with something rich and eye-catching.


A look in graduated shades, such as lemon yellow and lime green, looks fresh, and has the added advantage of enabling you to look different in every angle, in every photo! This concept is also great for an outdoor event such as a mehendi lunch where the sunshine would enhance the gradient and intensify the different colours. For example, Nitesh Singh Chauhan’s Green button front sherwani set is outstanding and unique.


Make your look appear even more dynamic with an armhole-patterned stole. For example, Qbik makes an ivory sherwani with all-over stitch detail with an armhole-pattern peach stole that beautifully completes the look. This is a great trick for creating a stole that will never fall off , and is also a great way to display it, as otherwise it may just be bundled up
around your neck!
P.S. The difference between a shawl and stole is: a stole is lighter and more formal,
and often less wide. It is therefore less cumbersome to carry around if hot weather is
an issue, or if the groom is of smaller stature but still wants to opt for a grand look.


For a novel look, go for non-traditional patterns (opt out of paisley, for instance). Have a little fun with illusions to the eye, whether chevron, mosaic or pixelated. Design Dev R Nil has plenty of examples of this, such as their Grey silk embroidered sherwani set with all-over embroidery that looks pixelated, which will definitely help you stand out in a crowd!


Channel your inner child with a modest and creative cartoon print. Everything is already so serious, stressful, and ritual-based during weddings. Show up to a smaller event (maybe a home function or a daytime gathering) wearing something whimsical and unexpected, such as designer Nautanky’s imaginative and playful designs for printed kurta sets.


Sweaty Armpits
If you tend to have sweaty armpits and often unintentionally drench your shirt, creating unwanted sweat stains, make sure to have Underarm sweat pads prepared. These are adhesives that can be placed inside your outfit, on the areas that will make contact with your armpits. This is also less extreme and invasive than getting Botox to stop your sweat glands (a new trend amongst men)!
Shoes, Feet and Band-Aids
Sometimes juttis can be uncomfortable, too flat, or pinch your toes. Cushion your heels with add-on inserts (such as heel cups or heel gels from Dr. Scholl’s). Take basic preventative measures by sticking band-aids to the parts of your feet that tend to get sore from friction. If you sweat a lot in your shoes, make sure to purchase thin nude-colour socks that will buffer your feet.
Background and Décor
When selecting your outfits, make sure to also simultaneously check to see that the décor and backdrops for your events don’t clash with your look. You also don’t want to blend into the background, nor do you want to play Where’s Waldo? when you get your photo albums! For example, if you’re wearing mint-green, make sure that colour, and a few shades darker and lighter, are eliminated from the photo backdrop.

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