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Indian man claims COVID-19 vaccine gave him magnetic powers

by Ashima

Meet Nashik’s most ‘attractive’ man.

By Ashima Sethi

In some bizarre news to usher in your weekend with, it has been reported by the Times of India that a man living in Nashik, the ancient holy city in the Indian state of Maharashtra is claiming to have developed ‘magnetic powers’ as a result of the second dose of his Covishield vaccine.

71-year old Arvind Sonar claims that metal objects won’t stop sticking to him now that he’s been vaccinated. The discovery came after his son watched a video where another individual found that metal objects were sticking to their body after the vaccination. As his dad had recently received his jab, he decided to go ahead and try it on his father.

As items like coins and steel spoons were actually sticking to his body, the family asked Arvind to shower and try again as to debunk any other reasons for the metal objects sticking to his skin. However, they still found that the objects were drawn to him.

As news broke of the discovery earlier this week, the District Administration and their appropriate medical teams have paid Arvind a visit and are still in the midst of figuring out what’s happening to him. Ashok Thorat, a district doctor was quoted as saying: “we have asked the team to make a detailed report and will not be commenting on [the situation] until we know what the report says.”

Videos of various objects sticking to Arvind have gone viral (watch them here), but he’s since come out to say that he doesn’t mind all the attention coming his way.

Someone call Marvel and let them know that their next feature film hero is waiting…move aside Magneto!

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