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COMO Point Yamu, At The Tip of Lake Yamu, Takes You To The Peak of Serenity Amidst Magnificent Views

by Venesa Daswani

Luxury on Point.

By: Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

It‘s no secret among my friends and family that Phuket is one of my preferred domestic getaways;

an island paradise that has everything for the discerning traveller, spanning opulent stays to hole- in-the-wall haunts with delicious local cuisine. When I visited COMO Point Yamu, however, perched on the tip of Cape Yamu on the island’s east coast, I saw a side of Phuket that I hadn’t seen before. “Our location is definitely one of our unique points,” Andy Kunz, the Managing Director of COMO Point Yamu tells me when I met him at the resort’s bright and airy Aqua Bar. “We are one of the few hotels that’s on the East Coast of Phuket, and not only are we blessed with both a beautiful sunrise and sunset, but it gives our guests the luxury of privacy, as the East Coast is less developed, less touristy, and boasts a lot more nature. It feels like Phuket from 20-30 years ago. And of course, at the tip of Cape Yamu, we have a 360-degree sea view, from a unique vantage point in Phuket.”

Indeed, COMO Point Yamu is one of a few exclusive hotels that overlook Phang Nga Bay, and despite its serene and remote location, it’s only a 25-minute drive from Phuket International Airport. Despite having celebrated its 10th Anniversary last year, the hotel has entered a renaissance period in the domestic market, having made a name for itself among local travellers during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people were seeking isolation amidst serene surroundings. From the rave reviews I’d heard, I was especially excited to see for myself what the resort had to offer.


The hotel’s lobby, perched on top of a flight of stairs so you can truly appreciate the expansive space, is immediately striking, combining contemporary brushed concrete in grey, with contrasting pops of red; with explicit Thai touches. White rattan lamps in magnificent proportions hang in a cluster in the middle, drawing your eye to the vaulted ceilings; walls of natural wood in familiar patterns flank the edges of the space; and in the centre, an ode to locality welcomes you, replete with silver Thai serving bowls filled with local flora, he-and- she woodcarvings holding yin dee ton rap (welcome) signs; and intriguing, abstract head sculptures made of stone. The hotel’s emphasis on tradition yet with modern sensibilities is immediately obvious, and this is confirmed by Andy: “The architecture of our hotel is a blend of contemporary with minimalistic design,” he explains.

“We use a lot of natural elements, that are bright, colourful, and cheerful.”

Beyond the lobby’s capacious sofa seats and its calming water features is the pièce de résistance of the hotel; its stunning panoramic views. I’m told that to the left are Phuket’s famed sunsets, while to the right, by its iconic pool that stretches out for the length of the main property, are not-to- be-missed sunrises; worth setting an alarm for 6am.

As I walk through the hotel, I learn that the majority of rooms and suites; as well as its amenities, spanning the wellness centre, restaurants, gift shops, and play rooms for both children and teens; are located in one outsized building for easy access, while the villas are located a little beyond, accessible by buggy. Designed by Paola Navone, the entire hotel is a study in contrasting natural elements, and the space feels simultaneouslyboundless and private. Use of textural elements allow for intriguing plays of light and dark depending on the time of day; a chiaroscuro painting that changes every time you see it. Aquamarines and burnt oranges reflect the sea and the colour of Buddhist robes from Phuket’s Peranakanheritage, respectively; reflecting the two stars of the hotel’s vision: celebrating its location in both geography and culture.



The resort, I’m told, has a total of 106 keys, spanning 79 rooms and suites, and 27 pool villas ranging from one to four bedrooms. 

“Normally hotels will have a big inventory of entry-level rooms and a few suites, but we’re the opposite,” Andy tells me with justifiable pride. “We have more suites than we have rooms, and many of the former have their own pool. We also have a range of villas, and for each type of accommodation, there’s a very specific demand.”

I had the chance to take a peek at their Point Yamu Pool Villa, which felt like it was plucked out of my dreams of what the ideal luxury seaside retreat would look like. Spanning two floors, the villa boasts floor- to-ceiling windows to allow sunlight to spill in, and to immediately draw your eye to the glittering waters of Phang Nga Bay, just beyond the private pool. Aside from cheery living areas for up to eight people, done up in soothing shades of whites, greens, and blues; a marble-topped dining table; a kitchen; and all the modern amenities you could want; the villas include butler service and the option to do a Thai- style moo or goong kata barbecue on the deck.And this wasn’t even the biggest villa they had to offer; their largest one had a fourth bedroom, perfect for large families or big groups of friends looking to holiday in style.

“The bigger villas are very convenient for families, especially from Asia,” Andy tells me. “Our Middle Eastern or Indian guests, for example, love to travel with 2-3 generations, so the villas can accommodate the whole family, including kids. And as a lot of our accommodations have their own pool, you never feel crowded in the public areas, as many guests are happy to stay in their own rooms, or are busy checking out our many amenities.” What’s rare, I learn, is that because of their range of accommodations, the hotel appeals to both families and couples. “Usually, hotels cater to either one or the other,” Andy tells me. “But we have been successful with both markets. We’ve noticed that our guests have been on the whole very satisfied.”

We were given the Bay Suite for our own accommodation, a beautiful set of rooms so infused with comfort and character that I never wanted to leave. Thai touches greet you as you enter, from the series of wooden hands making the abhayamudra gesture on the walls, to the fabric and patterns on the furnishings. Beyond the expansive living room with a sofa big enough to seat a whole family and a cosy dining nook, the bedroom and bathroom took my breath away. The eminently-comfortable bed faces the view, so there’s no mistaking when you wake up that you’re truly in paradise; while the bathroom stands on a league of its own, with a majestic bathtub in pride of place in the middle, large enough to soak your worries away, no matter how heavy they may be.



COMO Point Yamu has three main F&B outlets, spanning La Sirena, their all-day- dining restaurant which offers wood-fired Italian cuisine outside of breakfast hours; Nahmyaa, with a sublime selection of classic Southern Thai delicacies; and their Aqua Bar by the pool, which serveslight snacks and cocktails all day. However, beyond these, you can also request private dining options as a group or as a couple, either in your villa or in private, romantic locations throughout the hotel. Moreover, at every outlet and in your rooms, their COMO Shambhala menu is available, which provides healthy cuisine using organic ingredients that are, I’m told, rich in enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, while still tasting delicious – the latter of which I can certainly attest to, after having tried their Steamed local seabass which was rich in flavour and redolent with aromatics such as ginger.

“One of our points of pride is our cuisine,” Andy says. “Aside from our wonderful Thai restaurant and our all-day dining restaurant, I myself eat from the COMO Shambhala menu on a regular basis, and I’ve discovered that healthy food can taste great, too!” he adds with a laugh. “We often have a preconception that healthy food is boring, but it doesn’t have to be! We also use a lot of local ingredients, and are trying to get away from flying them in from all over the world.”

Breakfast at La Sirena is certainly not to be missed, with their array of Thai and international options from classic Yoghurt and Granola to Congee and Fried rice with chicken, as well as an entire menu of à la minute items ranging from Avocado toast to their Full continental breakfast and evenKuey tiew. At lunch and dinner, make sure to try any of their Italian classics, such as their Linguine aglio with just the right amount of spice, or their Gnocchi with pesto sauce from their special menu. My favourite restaurant, however, was their Thai restaurant Nahmyaa, which has a beautiful, design-led aesthetic also by Paola Navone, featuring gold-leaf walls and eye- catching paintings swimming through the walls, while bubble light features give the space a whimsical feel. With both a tasting menu and à la carte options, every dish, from their perfectly-made Miang kam pla yang to their classic Khanom jeen nahm yaa made with local seabass, showcases the taste of the South to best effect, with intentional touches that made eating there a treat from beginning to end.


As a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the hotel also offers an array of complimentary and paid activities that you can sign up for, to ensure fun for the whole family. Their COMO Shambhala Retreat has a range of treatments, with rooms overlooking the Bay, and a rotation of easy wellness pursuits such as Full Body Stretching and Hatha Yoga. I’d definitely recommend the latter, which starts at 8.15am, leaving plenty of time for you to catch breakfast and start the day invigorated. The Retreat also has two infinity pools, one of which is their ‘hydrotherapy’ pool with jets; and a 24-hour gym.

“Wellness is an important pillar for us as well,” Andy tells me. “Aside from our great treatments, we have recently added some new things, such as an ice bath, which is an experience that has many therapeutic benefits including anti-inflammation. We also have a hyperbaric chamber, with different atmospheric pressures, that can help you with your circulation, and help with better sleep.”

There is a plethora of other activities for guests to enjoy solo, as a couple, or in a group, spanning their Family Fun with Archery or Family Fun with Badminton options, to a Beach Walk and Phuket Cultural and Old Town Tour. For something a bit more craftsy, I would recommend their Tie Dye Making, Basic Ink Mandala or Bracelet Making activities – I was especially proud of the colourful bracelets that I’d handmade after signing up for the latter. If you’re looking for an expedition in style, you can also charter a boat for a full-day, half-day or sunset cruise, together with other guests. I was also delighted to learn that the award- winning COMO brand is not only known for their commitment to wellness and design, but also to sustainability and giving back to the community. Andy tells me a little bit about what they’re doing to be sustainable, spanning regular beach and street cleanings, as well as their support for a local school where they did the farming project. “We’re hoping to buy back from them the products they produce in the farm,” he explains. “We also sell a lot of things by local artisans in the gift shop, although we’re also highlighting artisans from all around the region.”


The first day that I’d arrived, I was intrigued to spy an intimate wedding on the The Lawn, with enchanting floral décor and cliffside views. “At one point, we’ve had weddings almost every weekend, many on the smaller side, from 20-50 and even up to 200 guests,” Andy recalls. When I ask himabout the possibility to host Indian weddings, I’m intrigued to learn that they’ve hosted two Indian weddings so far, consisting of an entire buy-out of the resort. “This is new for us, but they’ve been very successful, and we’ve had great feedback on our food and service,” he says.

“We want to be selective, however, as we only offer buy-outs due to the scale of Indian weddings, but for the right group of people, we’re willing to do that.”

As they walk me through all the options they offer to make your event perfect, it’s clear that the ethos of the hotel hinges on their hospitality and ensuring the best in everything they do – something that I saw in every aspect of my stay there. Truly, one to remember.

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