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Unveiling Chef Shraddha Sawarkar’s holistic vegan culinary marvels

by Niranjana Mittal

The Green Gastronomist.

By: Grace Clarke

Former software engineer and proud mother of two, Shraddha Sawarkar is a home-cook turned culinary virtuoso. She is the creative force behind Naivedyum (Instagram: @naivedyum_yum_for_tum) – a kitchen brimming with homemade fusion, vegan, vegetarian, and celiac-friendly delights, all crafted with an abundance of fresh ingredients and an overflowing attention to detail.

Shraddha’s journey into holistic cooking began in 2004 with the arrival of her eldest daughter, who was born with an allergy to dairy products. This twist of fate propelled Shraddha to master the art of crafting delicious meals tailored to a vegan diet, igniting her passion for studying and creating culinary delights. Amidst the lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shraddha embarked on a mission to provide her inner circle with healthy and delectable meals as they adjusted to working from home. With time constraints hindering their ability to cook nutritious dishes daily, her flavourful creations became an instant hit. This surge in demand propelled Shraddha to elevate her home kitchen operation into a full-fledged homemade nutritious delivery service under the name of Naivedyum.

As her business blossomed, the holistic chef transitioned her operations from a cosy home kitchen to a dynamic cloud kitchen, mirroring the growth of her business. Leveraging Naivedyum’s distinctive market positioning within the industry, Chef Shraddha found herself earning the opportunity to serve as a Guest Chef at Away Chiang Mai Thapae resort this past March. There, she treated diners and guests to the unique green gastronomic experience of “holistic vegan Indian food,” marking a milestone in her culinary journey. I had the pleasure of visiting Chef Shraddha at her charming homestead, where I was warmly welcomed by the enticing aromas of spices wafting from her kitchen. There, she demonstrated the preparation of two of her nourishing green dishes: her High protein lentil crêpes stuffed with stir fried capisicum and Beetroot kebabs.


Prep Time: 6 hours

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Serves: 4 to 5


For the crêpes:
1⁄2 cup chana daal

1⁄4 cup split red lentils

1⁄4 cup urad daal

1⁄4 cup whole green moong daal

1 bunch curry leaves

1 bunch coriander leaves

2 green chillies

2 tsp fenugreek

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp cumin powder

sesame oil or any cold pressed oil

water as needed

pink Himalayan salt, as needed

For the stuffing:

2 tsp sesame oil

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp cumin powder

1 tsp garam masala

2 sliced onions

yellow capsicum

1 green capsicum

1 red capsicum

pink Himalayan salt, as needed


Soak the lentils along with fenugreek seeds for at least six hours for proper assimilation, until they have doubled in size.

Blend them together with the rest of the ingredients and keep adding water while blending for a smooth consistency. The consistency should be of a ‘dosa’ or ‘pouring’ consistency.

Start on the stuffing by sautéing the onions in sesame oil until tender and fragrant.

Then, add your mix of capsicum and spices to the pan.

Continue to sauté the peppers for up to 1.5 minutes on medium heat to ensure the capsicum is still crunchy, then season with salt as preferred.

Transfer the stuffing to a dish and let cool while you prepare the crêpes.

Begin preparing the crêpes by drizzling a few drops of sesame oil onto a heated pan, then carefully spread it across the surface using a cloth for even distribution.

Pour a ladle full of batter gently in the middle of the pan and carefully spread it outwards, making a circle.

Add a few drops of oil to the pan, then flip the crêpe to cook the other side until it’s evenly golden brown.

Once the other side is cooked, flip it back again and carefully add the stuffing.

Fold in half, season with salt as preferred, and enjoy with pairings of your choice.


A mix of green coriander, mint chutney, and ginger chutney


This dish is high in protein, gluten-free, and vegan, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences. Perfect for those who are mindful of their calorie intake, following a diet plan, or seeking nutrient-dense meals to fuel their day.


Prep Time: 10 minutes 

Cook Time: 14 minutes 

Serves: 4


1⁄2 cup of grated beetroot

3 medium-sized boiled potatoes

1 bunch coriander leaves

1 tsp garam masala

1 tsp red chilli powder (optional) 

2 tsp cumin powder

olive oil for grilling

pink Himalayan salt as needed


Mash the boiled potatoes and combine with the grated beetroot.

Mix in coriander leaves, spices, and red chilli powder (if preferred).

Combine until ingredients are incorporated well.

Drizzle oil on to your palm and make small patties.

Preheat the pan, then carefully place the patties onto the heated surface.

Allow them to pan-fry until they achieve a lightly crisped texture on both sides.

Plate and enjoy with pairings of your choice.


A serving of green spicy chutney and/or sweet tamarind and date chutney.


Packed with nutrition, these Beetroot kebabs are mighty in antioxidants that help replenish cell damage and inflammation.

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