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Uncover the Hidden Treasure Trove That is New Zealand’s Wineries, Boasting Exquisite Wine Labels

by Venesa Daswani

Kia Ora New Zealand 

By: Grace Clarke 

In search of your next getaway? Consider the breathtaking coastal vistas of New Zealand, nestled in the South Pacific Ocean. This island nation isn’t just a paradise for wanderlusters; it’s also a pioneer in the realm of New World wine. So, set aside the typical ‘Down Under’ vino ventures, and greet the Kiwi vineyards with a hearty Kia Ora (Mãori for hello)! Whether you’re planning an idyllic friends’ escapade or a cosy retreat for two, New Zealand’s vineyards offer the perfect backdrop for your next unforgettable journey.


Ditch the limited public transport scene in New Zealand and dive headfirst into the Kiwi culture with a classic roadie (road trip) alongside your mates! From the tip-top of the North Island to the southern reaches, brace yourselves for a journey packed with unmissable destinations. And here’s a crucial tip: in a country renowned for its jaw-dropping scenery, don’t forget to hit the brakes when you stumble upon those Insta-perfect moments. Because in New Zealand, it’s all about stopping to smell the rosés!



Get ready to be smitten by the enchanting allure of Waiheke Island, where the desires of both wine aficionados and food enthusiasts are fulfilled. Tucked away just off the lively shores of Auckland on the North Island, Waiheke is the ultimate getaway for some well- deserved rest and relaxation. Immerse yourself in the island’s ritzy vineyards and soak up the irresistible Kiwi charm that permeates every corner.

Stonyridge Vineyard

Kicking off our vinous adventure up north, make a beeline for the crown jewel, Stonyridge Vineyard. Stonyridge takes the wine game up a notch with their robust Bordeaux blends, and avant- garde winemaking to craft four and five-blend concoctions. This haven for wine enthusiasts is the whole package, offering a day of pure indulgence with wine tastings, a charming restaurant, and an al fresco deck with the perfect ambience. Pre-book your spot for tastings at the restaurant, but if spontaneity is your travel mantra, waltz right in for an impromptu tasting on their deck! Instagram: @stonyridgevineyard

Mudbrick Vineyard

Founded in 1992 by owners Robyn and Nicholas Jones, the luscious vineyard of Mudbrick boasts a barn in its central hub, built from mud bricks. The temperature- regulating material allows for perfect conditions for making and ageing wine. Mudbrick’s vine-covered domains, nestled in two spots on Waiheke Island – Hawke’s Crest and the double trouble combo of Shepherd’s Point and Sea View Road in Onetangi – are the ultimate playground for your taste buds. Spanning elegant reds such as cabernets and merlots; alongside whites in the form of Chardonnays, Pinot Gris, Viogniers, and Albariños; the vineyard is a wine lover’s wonderland. And let’s not forget the essentials: dining experiences, tastings galore, and the option for a snug snooze at their Mudbrick property if your glass tally gets a bit ambitious.

Instagram: @mudbrick_nz


Get ready for a voyage to New Zealand’s sun- soaked sanctuary – Hawke’s Bay. Positioned on the radiant east coast of the North Island, this lively region stands as the ultimate destination for wine enthusiasts, offering a bounty of wine adventures. Brace yourself for a medley of full-bodied reds and whites, because in Hawke’s Bay, the grapes aren’t just growing; they’re throwing a party, and you’re invited!

Elephant Hill Winery

Found along the dreamy Te Awanga coast, caressed by the Pacific Ocean, Elephant Hill Winery is a must-see locale. The winery is a masterclass in innovative winemaking, blending modern techniques into their craft to create a palate-pleasing array of wines. Its architecture also harmoniously echoes the breathtaking beauty of its surroundings, offering a visual delight. Immerse yourself in vino bliss at their cellar door restaurant (a term for a winery’s public tasting room), where tastings become a sensory journey. Enjoy a guided exploration through their full wine collection on the comfortable tables in their main room, in their sunken lounge, or, on sunny days, out on their decks.

Instagram: @elephanthill

Te Mata Estate Winery

With vines and vibes planted back in 1892, this vineyard’s history is just as rich as the flavour of its wines. Embark on a fascinating journey through the estate’s history, artfully recounted by one of their expert hosts. After, delve into a guided tasting that highlights five of their latest estate wines, coupled with an array of showcase varieties. There, find their selection of iconic Coleraines, robust Awatea Cabernets, and sultry Bullnose Syrahs. And, let’s not forget about their elegant Alma Pinot Noirs, luxurious Elston Chardonnays, crisp Cape Crest Sauvignon Blancs, and exotic Zara Viogniers. Te Mata Estate is truly a journey through time, terroir, and taste.

Instagram: @temataestatewinery



Welcome to a coastal paradise nestled in the northeastern corner of the South Island, where wine lovers and nature enthusiasts find solace. This gem is not just any spot; it’s the beating heart of New Zealand’s largest winemaking region, boasting lush landscapes and sprawling, vine-filled valleys. With a winemaking legacy stretching back to 1870, Marlborough is renowned for its lavish vineyard culture and acclaimed Sauvignon Blancs that have achieved cult status.

Cloudy Bay Winery

Enter Cloudy Bay Winery, the trailblazer that put New Zealand on the global wine map back in the 1980s, thanks to its exquisite wines. It’s a winery so posh, in fact, that luxury firm LVMH couldn’t resist snapping up the vineyards in 2003. Get ready to bask in elegance at their Marlborough Vineyard, set near the serene Wairau River. Here, the climate and soil work their magic, giving way to Cloudy Bay’s top-tier Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. Experience the full grandeur of the winery at their decked-out cellar door restaurant with ample grounds, beckoning you for tastings and a chic dining experience at their legendary Jack’s Raw Bar. There, indulge in freshly shucked oysters and sharing plates that’ll leave you floating on cloud wine! Instagram: @cloudybay

Forrest Estate

Meet the pioneers of commercial wineries in the region, affectionately dubbed the ‘Doctor’s Winery’ – a brainchild of the dynamic duo, doctors John and Brigid Forrest, back in 1980. Because, let’s face it, great minds drink alike! Their claim to fame? Their irresistibly-sweet and aromatic Merlot Rosé that’s got taste buds buzzing. Set against the backdrop of the Sauvignon Blanc vineyard, the location displays a relaxing park setting complete withlush shady trees, a serene duck pond, and inviting picnic tables – the perfect recipe for a cosy wine tasting experience.

Instagram: @forrestwines


Renowned for its expertise in crafting premium Pinot Noir and Riesling, this area boasts 26 wineries and 80 vineyards. It is celebrated as one of the nation’s warmest and driest regions, fostering a distinctive soil profile essential for producing the region’s rich and distinctive wines. In addition to its favourable climate and flourishing vino scene, the locals of this area are celebrated for their sophisticated, epicurean way of life. Prepare for an enchanting journey through this captivating region, where the wine flows freely and the energy is infectious.

Tussock Hill Vineyard

This family-owned boutique vineyard is a celebration of organic wines. Tussock Hill Vineyard champions the fertile soils of Waipara Valley, cultivating their grapes in sun-drenched flatlands. Their commitment to organic principles extends to their agricultural practices, incorporating biodiverse planting, a range of livestock, and minimal use of organic sprays to enhance soil fertility and deliver rich, full-bodied flavours. Explore the vineyard’s cellar door restaurant for a chance to sample their exquisite Pinot Noirs and luscious Rieslings, perfectly paired with sharing plates featuring locally-sourced ingredients.

Instagram: @tussockhill

Waipara Springs Winery

“Wine, Dine, Relax” – these enticing words serve as the motto for this exceptional winery. Established back in 1989, this vineyard has garnered a reputation for its outstanding wines and dining experiences. While renowned for their exquisite Chardonnays, this establishment offers far more than just delectable beverages. Wairapa Springs has become a sought-after venue for weddings, corporate gatherings, casual lunches, and of course, wine tastings. Visit their cellar door restaurant to fully immerse yourself in the charm of this winery, where tastings cater to enthusiasts of all levels, from novices to connoisseurs. And as a delightful bonus, indulge in mouthwatering plates crafted with locally-sourced produce, perfectly paired to complement your wine tasting experience.

Facebook: @WaiparaSpringsWineryandrestaurant

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