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Tie the knot with a twist at SO/ Sofitel Hua Hin, where weddings are wonderous

by Niranjana Mittal

Destination Shaadi: Dive Into A Dream

In the past year alone, nine couples have chosen SO/ Sofitel Hua Hin as the canvas for their love stories, turning the venue into one of the most sought-after destinations for Indian weddings in Thailand. The hotel stands in the heart of Thailand’s serene coastline, where the sky kisses the sea; a sanctuary that redefines the essence of luxury weddings with a sprinkle of fun, a dash of art, and a whole lot of love.

Here, I’m told, “every step down the largest marble stairway in the region is a step closer to matrimonial bliss, where every view is a canvas painted with the hues of your love story.” Their vibrant and versatile spaces whisper tales of romance and adventure, allowing the resort to be more than a mere backdrop for a wedding, but a main character in an epic about love. The team from SO/ Sofitel Hua Hin provided Masala with a little more insight into what makes this location such a popular destination for Indian weddings.






Why choose SO/ Sofitel Hua Hin for your most- awaited day?

We provide a canvas for unparalleled celebrations. Here, weddings are not just events, they are masterpieces created with precision, passion, and a touch of playfulness. Let us break it down further:

Architectural marvel: Guests are stepping into a realm designed by Asia’s leading Thai architect, where each line, curve, and corner tells a story of innovation and elegance. Our resort unfolds like a maze of wonder, with open courtyards and private pathways leading you to a horizon that stretches into eternity.

Art meets nature: At SO/ Sofitel Hua Hin, we live by the concept of ‘SO Evolution,’ blending art and nature to curate experiences that are as enchanting as they are memorable. French sophistication and Thai culture twirl in a harmonious ballet, creating a playground for the senses.

Lavish accommodations: Choose from an array of themed accommodations designed to delight and inspire. From SO Arty to SO Nature, pool access rooms to private villas, every space is a sanctuary of style and serenity. Moreover, our dedicated family rooms ensure that everyone, from the tiniest tot to the eldest elder, experiences luxury and comfort.

A water wonderland: Dive into fun with our four unique pools, including Thailand’s first Wibit Adventure Float pool and the captivating SO Wet Bubble experience. Our 18-hole adventure golf course, Kids Tent, and playground ensure that your wedding is a celebration for all ages.

A destination in Itself: Located just a short drive from Bangkok and near the vibrant Hua Hin downtown area, SO/ Sofitel Hua Hin is not just a venue, it’s a destination. With a variety of exciting activities and attractions within reach, your wedding becomes an extended celebration of joy and exploration.






What makes SO/ Sofitel Hua Hin stand out?

There are rooms that shout ‘artsy’ and ‘nature’, pools where you can float your stress away and villas that are basically mini- palaces. Plus, a wedding spot so cool, even the seagulls want an RSVP!

How does your culinary experience cater to Indian weddings?

Our Indian chef is a spice magician, ready to turn each meal into a feast that celebrates your roots and indulges your senses. It’s not just dining; it’s an epicurean exploration that’s as vibrant as your wedding. Think royal feast-meets-beach vibes. Your taste buds won’t know what hit them!


Do you personalise weddings with outside vendors?

Absolutely! Your dream team meets our dream scene. We welcome your chosen maestros to blend seamlessly with our backdrop, ensuring your big day unfolds exactly as you’ve always imagined. Bring them over! Your dream team gets VIP access to make your day legendary.

Are exclusive resort takeovers a possibility?

An exclusive buy-out at SO/ Sofitel Hua Hin isn’t just possible, it’s encouraged. Book the whole place; we’re all about exclusivity. Your big bash, your private paradise.

Why is it the chosen venue for the Indian community?

With nine Indian weddings in the last year alone, it’s the spot where tradition meets trendsetting backdrops. Expect the unexpected.




With 15 years under his belt and a suitcase full of experiences from Accor to Marriott, Saransh knows the Indian market like the back of his hand. Four years in Thailand and he’s still making waves – think of him as your wedding’s commercial guru who promises to make things happen.










If flavours had a king, Chef Ashutosh would be it. Mixing spices like he’s born to do it, he’s here to take you on a culinary adventure from the heart of India to the soul of Thailand. Ready for a taste of paradise?










20 years and counting, and Khun Aou’s still crafting wedding marvels across Thailand. Known for turning dreams into reality, she’s your go-to for everything enchanting and memorable. Indian weddings? She’s the architect of your dreams.

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