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The third movie of RCB Film Club’s 2021 Film Series, ‘Meditation Park’ will be screened at River City this month

by Ashima

The moving tale reflects the immigrant experience in a multi-cultural country.

Meditation Park is the third film that will be screened as part of the RCB Film Club’s 2021 Film Series. Set in the Chinese community of Canada, the moving film hopes to showcase the immigrant experience of living in a multi-cultural country.

The film is a new addition to independent Canadian director Mina Shum‘s impressive portfolio of work, all of which focus on the immigrant perspective. Based in her home-town of East Vancouver, her four most notable films have won awards at top film festivals such as Berlin, Sundance, and the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) where the film had its world premiere. The movie also bagged the Audience Award at the CAAM Festival (Centre for Asian-American Media Festival) and has become a huge hit in Canada.

Meditation Park features a stellar cast, all of whom are of Chinese-origin, and includes the likes of Cheng Pei (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon [2000]), Sandra Oh (Sideways [2004]; Grey’s Anatomy [2005]), Tzi Ma (Rush Hour [1998]; Mulan [2020]).

The film’s premise is as follows:

“Maria is a loving, devoted wife whose life is shaken, when she discovers a lady’s panties in her husband Bing’s trouser pocket. He is her smart, intelligent, extrovert husband, who calls the shots at home. With her limited English and closed lifestyle, Maria realises how dependant she is on him, and realises she needs to improve.

She joins a gang of lively Chinese housewives in the neighbourhood, who make money out of (illegally) selling cheap parking-tickets. With the money she earns, she stalks her husband and finds out his secret. She makes friends with a neighbor Gabriel, and realises he is as vulnerable as her.

Meanwhile their daughter Ava and her husband visit them. The couple have their own stresses, as they try to balance careers and parenthood. Maria also hears of their estranged son’s forthcoming marriage.

The canvas is full of interesting characters, and the immigrant scenario is fascinatingly and thought provokingly mapped out. Most unique to watch, is Maria’s evolvement from a nervous immigrant-wife who barely speaks English, to a woman of confidence and power.”

As the pandemic is ongoing, the film will be subject to COVID-specific rules:

  • All instructions must be strictly followed
  • Masks are necessary throughout the film’s screening
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided at the entrance
  • Vaccinations are encouraged
  • If you feel unwell, do NOT attend the screening
  • If anyone tests postive for COVID after attending the film, please inform RCB immediately as it concerns the safety of the entire auditorium
  • Due to social distancing rules, seats are very limited (only half capacity)
  • Tickets are priced at THB 100 (no refunds allowed)
  • Please show your receipt or QR code at the entrance
  • No more than two seats allowed, per person

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For enquiries, email

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