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Primus Autohaus combines the elegance of Mercedes-Benz with unparalleled customer service to set a new calibre for the luxury dealership experience

by Ashima

President of Primus Autohaus, Khun Nattavuth Tangkaravakoon, shares exciting developments.

There are few moments in life that can top the feeling of stepping into your brand new vehicle. The gleaming metal accents coupled with that famed ‘new car smell’ makes the experience, start-to-finish, a true milestone for so people. A car, at the end of the day, is an investment, not just in the present but in the future. With that being said, the process of finding the right vehicle for you is one that deserves the right amount of time, energy, and attention to detail, all of which are core pillars at Primus Autohaus.

Located in a prime residential area near Praditmanutham Road on a sprawling four rai plot of land, Primus Autohaus is uniquely styled to stand out amongst its predecessors. The company’s showroom is one of only 15 in the world selected by Daimler AG in Germany to prototype a new retail concept designed in conjunction with celebrated design studio Graft that puts the customer’s journey at the heart of the showroom’s architecture, design, and digital media.

Beyond providing a sleek showroom where customers can view and become familiar with impressive vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, and soon Mercedes-EQ and the top-of-the-line Mercedes-Maybach, Primus Autohaus also offers a plethora of repair and paint services to foster consumer loyalty, as the structure functions as a one-stop-shop for all automobile owners’ needs.

Moreover, it is undeniable that the last six months have greatly impacted the automobile industry. However despite the odds, Primus Autohaus’ sales increased by over 26.2% and beyond their set target by 28.5%. This growth reiterates how the company’s ‘customer-centric’ policies allow them to achieve a high level of satisfaction in both the sales and after-sales processes, which fortifies their success no matter the scenario.

To better understand what makes Primus Autohaus stand out amongst Bangkok’s diverse landscape of dealerships, Mr. Nattavuth Tangkaravakoon, President of TOA Venture Holding (TOAVH) and President of Primus Autohaus, offers his valuable insight along with what to expect from the landmark company in the months to come.

As the President of TOAVH, which has joint ventures in industrial paint, chemicals, property development, and more, what was the impetus to move into the automobile industry?

We have actually been involved with the automobile industry for over 30 years, specifically in the production of various auto parts including automotive paint, seatbelts, airbags, and steering wheels, as well as after-market products such as abrasive sandpaper.

The automobile industry in Thailand has grown to become such a major industry. 12 years ago, we wanted to diversify because with a big company like ours, we are always looking for new businesses to venture into. We decided to stand behind the first eco-car, jumping into establishing a Suzuki dealership called iTOA Auto Sales. Then six years ago, we had the chance to expand our dealership business to MG, which has now grown to 10 showrooms in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chonburi province.

As you continued to grow your dealerships, what was it about Mercedes-Benz as a brand that drew your interest?

After establishing our MG showrooms, we began thinking about penetrating the luxury market and truth be told, when one thinks about luxury, Mercedes-Benz definitely comes to mind. Their slogan is: ‘the best or nothing,’ so thankfully we found the opportunity to become a dealer for this prestigious brand.

As a car enthusiast, what are some of your favourite Mercedes-Benz models and why?

Mercedes-Benz have an impressively wide-range of products, from four passenger sedans to their Mercedes-AMG vehicles and the iconic G-Class. The vehicle I currently own is the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupé. Mercedes-AMG produces performance cars that are essentially straight from the racetrack, but what I really appreciate is that it incorporates elements for daily use as well. I have a family, I have three daughters, and I am able to use this car every day comfortably because it marries together style and functionality. When you drive an Mercedes-AMG, you can understand just how much technology is involved and how much passion is behind it.

In exciting news, Primus Autohaus is one of only four dealerships chosen by Mercedes-Benz to introduce the Mercedes-Maybach to the Thai market. Can you tell us about this launch?

The launch is a huge honour for us as it means that Mercedes-Benz really trust us to uphold the prestige associated with their brand. The Mercedes-Maybach is a vehicle synonymous with sophisticated luxury and incredible craftsmanship. Therefore we do not want to just focus on sales, we want to take care of our customers, so we need to have the professionalism, the technical understanding, and the equipment to be able to sell a vehicle of this calibre.

On the second floor of our showroom, an exhibition area allocated to the Mercedes-Maybach is currently in preparation. This space will focus on emphasising the luxury, elegance, and uniqueness of this fine line of motor vehicles and will also see the launch of the latest Mercedes-Maybach GLS, a super luxury SUV, in the last quarter of this year.

How do you predict the introduction of the Mercedes-Maybach will impact the luxury car market in Thailand considering it is such a prestigious name?

The Mercedes-Maybach is a top-of-the-line vehicle with its own legacy and its own history. Therefore, I think its launch will create a lot of movement for the brand here and a lot of increased awareness. The Mercedes-Maybach is that of ‘Sophisticated Luxury.’ This and unparalleled craftsmanship are just a few of the things that set the Mercedes-Maybach apart from other brands. Purchasing a vehicle like the Mercedes-Maybach allows you to create unforgettable memories, which is something money simply cannot buy. A vehicle of this stature is a special kind of luxury because it makes you memorable, therefore setting a new precedence for high-end cars.

Mercedes-Benz are also rolling out the Mercedes-EQ concept next year, which is defined as ‘electrical intelligence by Mercedes-Benz,’ what are your thoughts about the brand moving into the electromotive sphere and do you think Thailand is ready for electric vehicles?

I believe the world is changing and people are becoming very focused on climate and the environment, which makes this line of cars very relevant as they centre on the idea of ‘sustainable mobility.’ Mercedes-Benz are already the leaders in the Thailand market for the plug-in hybrid models, so I believe it will not be long before we begin to see more of an adoption of full Mercedes-EQ vehicles. The government is also supporting this movement, as they have put out policies and plans for establishing more charging stations, which will naturally make people more confident to purchase electric vehicles.

Furthermore, in 2025, Mercedes-Benz Thailand will launch every model with EV options, which will give consumers the full-range when it comes to purchasing an electric vehicle. We are also selected dealers for the Mercedes-EQ line, which will allow us to continue being the only dealer in inner Bangkok who offers all models.

Primus Autohaus has set a new benchmark when it comes to the calibre of dealerships in Thailand. What makes buying a vehicle at Primus Autohaus such an experience?

When we were chosen by Mercedes-Benz, we were one of only 15 overseas locations selected for their ‘MAR 2020’ concept, which is why our showroom is so different. In a traditional showroom, sales and service are separated, you have to queue, and it is very impersonal. However, at Primus Autohaus, our customers can sit anywhere they would like and a sales assistant will come to them. We believe that the customer is at the heart of our business.

When a customer visits the showroom, they meet a ‘Star Assistant,’ an individual who will take the time to really gain an understanding of what they want. We also house ‘Product Experts’ who can explain all of our range of products to the customer. We make sure to provide full support at every step to make sure our clients feel confident in their choice.

Once a decision has been made, the personalisation does not stop there. When we deliver the car, we understand that the moment is a truly unique experience and we try to make it as memorable as possible. For example, if someone is a football fan, we transform the floor into a field complete with grass, we have a stadium playing on our screen, we have sounds to accompany the visuals, it is all personalised. By doing this, we foster a special relationship with our customers.

In addition to purchasing a vehicle, can you tell us about the wide-range of services offered in regards to comprehensive care and repair?

We are a one-stop-service. We have two buildings, one is the showroom and one is for general service, body, paint, and polishing. In case something happens to your vehicle, we have all the services here, you do not need to go elsewhere. We take care of you completely.

Some examples of the high quality of care we offer include the use of the spectrophotometer, which is key for body and paint. Over time, your car’s colour may change, so in the event of an accident, this machine allows us to match the paint exactly to the colour of your car. Beyond cutting-edge equipment, our team is also well-versed. We have engineers trained specifically in automobiles and diagnosis technicians who can identify exactly what is wrong.

We also provide quick service for things like brakes and oil changing, so within three hours you get your car back. This means you can sit and enjoy a beverage at our in-house coffee shop, we have facilities here that you can enjoy, and then once your vehicle is ready, you simply drive it home.

Despite the unpredictability of the pandemic, Primus Autohaus’ sales have increased this year. What core pillars of the business have resulted in this growth?

We have three pillars that are central to our business: one is the professional team; second is our one-stop-service; and third is our focus on customer satisfaction. These core pillars are deployed here and all of our team are very familiar with them.

The pandemic was a challenging period but we recognised that we could not just sit around and wait for things to go back to normal, we had to adapt. We changed our approaches so that customers who were reluctant to come to the showroom were still delivered vehicles to their homes that they could test drive; cars sent in for servicing were entirely disinfected before being sent back; our team maintained very high hygiene standards, and so on.

The change as a result of COVID-19 also motivated us to focus on our digital presence. We created more online-to-offline services where we sparked an interest online to draw customers into visiting us offline, so we could provide the high quality of care and aforementioned services we are committed to.

What is your long-term vision for Primus Autohaus and can you tell us about your goals to ensure customer satisfaction remains high in the years to come?

We want to be ‘top of mind’ for customers who are thinking of Mercedes-Benz. In regard to the sustainable growth of the business, our goal moving into the next few months is to keep up with our systems and our core pillars of business to foster loyalty with our customers. If customer satisfaction remains high, they will return, and sales and profits will follow naturally.

Primus Autohaus
395 Pradit Manutham Road,
Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310
Tel: 02 095 5555

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