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Fashion essentials in the time of coronavirus

by Ashima

Our top tips on how to look #quarantinechic

By Ashima Sethi

With COVID-19 rearing its ugly head, it’s safe to say that #StreetStyle is dead (for now anyway). Now, it’s all about #WorkFromHomeFashion, which we like to think is the perfect excuse to give up ALL fashion rules and trade up style for comfort in these grueling times. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s Masala’s guide of must-haves.

                          HOUSE SLIPPERS                                                                                              

So you can glide from your bedroom to the
living room in style.



I don’t care that Karl Lagerfeld said “sweatpants are a sign
of defeat” that one time, treat yourself to several pairs so
you can panic comfortably.










If joggers alone aren’t doing it for you, upgrade your look
with matching loungewear top and bottoms. Not only are
the tracksuit variations heinously 90s but they’re perfect for
relaxing in if you can’t dedicate the brain space to picking
an outfit.


Not only are these super comfortable, but
chances are you have one that boasts your
university or school logo on it so you can remind
yourself that you’re actually a well-accomplished
human being when the going gets tough.


Perfect style choice for those who are no
longer sure what time, day, or month it is.


Minimal grooming is the price we’ve paid
for staying in lockdown. Unhappy with the
current state of your hair? We recommend
using the most flamboyant scrunchie you
can find to keep the disaster in place.






TIP: there are really no rules when it comes to stay-
at-home fashion, wear a lehenga for all I care, as long as you feel good about yourself.




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