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Masala Recommends: this year’s leading plant-based meats

by Ashima

We’ve revamped our ‘Plant Power’ feature to bring you exciting new entries. 

By Muskan Shah and Ashima Sethi

Last year, we introduced some of the most exciting mock meats to hit Bangkok’s dining scene (full article available here). But as Navratri is here again, many of us are on the lookout for even more plant-based alternatives that are just as succulent as their meaty counterparts. With Bangkok experiencing a rise in the sustainable lifestyle trend, and a plethora of vegan eateries popping up across the city, we’ve put together a list of the newest mock meats that will have you grabbing your wallet and heading to the nearest supermarket! 


Beyond Meat

This LA-based company is considered one of the world’s leading producers of plant-based meat alternatives, having created the world’s first plant-based burger that cooks like meat without any additional GMOS, soy, or gluten alongside a plethora of other options including meatballs, sausages and mince. A selection of their products are now available at several vegetarian/vegan restaurants across the city as well as supermarkets like Villa Market.


Another popular plant-based meat alternative is OmniMeat, which is being used across the city at restaurants like Sunrise Tacos, get fresh, Veganerie, and Vistro; hotels under the JW Marriott umbrella, Minor Group, the Hyatt brand, and Radisson Blu Plaza; and at supermarkets like Central Food Hall. So what makes OmniMeat so popular? The producers use various plant-based components to create their own protein that’s 0mg cholesterol, free from hormones, and has more nutritional value than some meat counterparts.


For delicious dairy alternatives that are free from gluten, eggs, nuts, and soy, Daiya is a great choice. The Canadian-based brand boasts an extensive line of products covering cheese shreds, cheese slices, vegetable crust and and gluten-free pizza, mac ‘n’ cheese, cheeze sticks, cream cheese, dairy-free yoghurt, pints of dairy-free ice cream, ‘cheezecake’ and much more.

S.P.A Foods by Nutrition House

One of the first alternatives to be produced in Thailand, S.P.A Foods by Nutrition House specialises in soy-based products that contain no MSG or preservatives. Spanning items like sausages, bologna, chicken, duck, bacon, and a wide-array of mock seafood, these alternatives are suited for both Asian and Western delicacies. Interested? Their products can be found at local supermarkets including Tops, Foodland, and Tesco Lotus.


Originating from the UK but sold in 14 different countries including Thailand, Quorn uses a mycoprotein derived from a fungus called the fusarium venenatum for their versatile alternatives. With focus on getting the right texture in their meaty alternatives, the brand boasts an array of products encompassing breaded filets, several different sausages, mince, nuggets, burger patties, and much more.


More Meat

If you’re looking for a lean and clean lifestyle, More Meat is here to elevate your meals. Made of a mélange of nutritious ingredients: mushroom, soy, coconut and canola oil, wheat and bamboo pulp and the natural coloring of beetroot, the meat offers a delicious healthy alternative. Moreover, as a Thailand-based company, they take pride in supporting the farmers of the Songkhla province in order to help to create more developed local communities. For more information, visit their Facebook page

Let’s Plant Meat

Focused on making the world a sustainable haven, Let’s Plant Meat is here to provide a low calorie but high flavour selection of mock meat. Originating from Chiang Mai and crafted from four main plant components: soy, rice, coconut and beetroot, the juicy substitute is the perfect symbiosis of firm and tender. Best of all, it’s available at a wide selection of local supermarkets, including Tops, Tesco Lotus, Foodland, Central Food Hall, and Gourmet Market to name a few! Facebook: @letsplantmeat

Phuture Meat

When technology and food collide, the outcome is a flavour-packed patty from Malaysian-born company, Phuture Meat. With the aim of preserving mother nature, this new mock-meat has been created using a combination of soy, chickpeas, pea protein and rice protein. Furthermore, through their series ‘Meat the Future’ you can experience their curated gastronomic adventures that are available at various restaurants across Bangkok, showcasing the Phuture Meat. Facebook: @phuturefoods


Green Monday: One year since landing in Bangkok, The Hong-Kong based movement has expanded its network to include numerous restaurants based in Thailand. The idea of ‘Green Monday’ is championing the adoption of a plant-based diet for at least one day per week in order to combat planetary devastation, climate change, and animal suffering. Through this easy lifestyle change we can all do our part in maintaining a healthy future for the planet. Some of the participating restaurants include Bangkok City Diner, Sizzler, Starbucks, alongside many, many more!

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