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Step up your plant-based game with Veganerie Concept in Phrom Phong

by Aiden

Enjoy a wealth of options that are beyond beleaf.

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

If we focus on the good that’s come out of the last year, at the top of the list is Bangkok ramping up its efforts to join in the food sustainability movement, with vegan and plant-based options abounding in the city. Veganerie, however, was a brand ahead of its time, launching in 2016 as a humble purveyor of “simple and easy” food that’s all-natural and 100 percent plant-based.

Started by a vegan family that wanted to open people’s eyes to the possibilities of food with no animal-based products, the brand now boasts over 150 recipes in their menu, with six locations across Bangkok that have won numerous accolades. I visited their branch in Phrom pong, Veganerie Concept, to sample what I was informed was the “ultimate vegan destination in Thailand.”

First Impressions

Going green is the new black – and in the case of Veganerie Concept, that comes to literal life in their interior design, where both colours are used to striking effect. The space takes industrial-chic to a surprisingly cosy level, with a surfeit of plants and hanging greenery offsetting the more modern polished concrete flooring, artsy dividers, and black chalkboard walls.

To add to the contemporary vibe of the place, the restaurant makes effective use of levels, with the second floor opened up in one half so that the eye is drawn up to the high ceilings and rafters above. Natural light spills inside the space, illuminating the floor-to-ceiling walls with stylised chalk-like murals bearing the slogans, ‘Keep Calm & Go Vegan’ and ‘Support Veganism’ – both catchy and Instagrammable.

Food and Drink
Although I’d known that the restaurant had a wealth of options available, I was surprised with just how many cuisines their menu spanned. As fans of international cooking, we chose to try an assortment so we could appreciate their range, starting with the Veganerie pizza set (THB 270). The dish allows you the pizza experience without feeling guilty for eating the entire pie – consisting of vegetable toppings and vegan cheese on two pieces of baked roti, it’s light but packed with flavour. A Caesar salad is included for those wanting to offset the indulgence, however healthy it might be.

We moved on to their Thai offerings next, with their Massaman curry & baked roti (THB 250), a dish I was especially eager to try as massaman is my preferred Thai gaeng. Although I’d never tried a vegan alternative before, its v-mushroom nuggets definitely hit that meat spot, while the curry itself was spiced well. For those craving that basil punch peculiar to pesto, head straight for the Quinoa fusilli with pesto & v-nuggets (THB 310). The quinoa pasta was also a first for me, but I was pleasantly surprised by how similar it tasted to regular pasta, while the cashew nut parmesan was a delight.

Despite Veganerie’s impressive range of appetisers and mains, I’d maintain that dessert is their forte, and rightly so, as they boast a very comprehensive dessert menu. While many may still have pre-set prejudices against vegan desserts, the ones we tried at the restaurant will blow those out of the water. Their Soy banoffee waffles (THB 175), for example, which replaces the regular caramel sauce with a soy alternative, is still rich and creamy in the best way, with coconut whipped cream and vegan ice cream to add to the decadence.

Don’t forget to pair your meal with any of their array of fresh juices, smoothies, or milkshakes, with which your spoiled for choice. As always, I couldn’t resist the Mango milkshake (THB 165), which was just as flavourful despite the lack of dairy, while for those looking for a leaner alternative, I’d recommend the Flat belly (THB 180), a superfood smoothie of mixed berries and other fruits.

Masala Recommends

The V-nuggets & fries combo (THB 210), an appetiser that will, sure enough, whet your appetite with its moreishness. The dips are the star of the show, however, and are what makes this signature dish.

For dessert, try the Ultimate brownie sundae (THB 170), a vegan fudge brownie served with double chocolate ice cream. While the chocolate may be bittersweet, there’ll be no sweeter end to your meal.

35 2 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Time: Open daily from 10am to 10pm
Tel: 02 258 8489
Facebook : @Veganerie.Official
Instagram: @veganerie

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