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Our list of unique gift ideas for the special people in your life

by Aiden

That’s a wrap on all your shopping woes!

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

‘Tis is the season of giving, which means it’s also the season of desperately looking for the right present for our loved ones that’s simultaneously thoughtful, personalised, and also – let’s face it – affordable. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of unique gift ideas depending on the kind of person you’re giving them to.

For The BFF

Aim for saucy with a fun drinking game, such as Foster & Rye’s Mini Golf Drinking Game (Instagram: @fosterandrye), or a deck of Do or Drink ( or Drunk Stoned or Stupid ( party card games (for the blackmail material later). For the gift that keeps on giving, a craft beer bundle from Craft Delivery Thailand (Facebook: @craftdeliverythailand) or a subscription to Siam Wine Club (Facebook: @siamwineclub). Alternatively, go the cheesy route and get a personalised gift from Luck Gift Ideas ( or from somewhere more local, Photobook (, which has options spanning pillow cases, aprons, mugs and more, where you can add a photo and your own (cheeky) message. For those who know that what their bff really needs is a place to (physically) vent, consider a booking to a rage room in Bangkok such as Rage Room Srinakarin.

For the Significant Other

Beyond couture brands or gourmet dinners, experiences are often the most memorable presents that one gift to someone. We love Socialgiver (, which has partnered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to give you meaningful experiences while allowing you to support local projects and conservation efforts, as 50 percent of proceeds go to handpicked projects. The platform also gives you competitive prices for over 500 brands. Book your partner (and yourself) a romantic escape to a Sky Villa on The Mak Trat on a private island, or a stay in a treehouse on TreeHouse Villas Koh Yao, and more. Another option is to book yourselves a couple’s massage – but go for a twist and consider booking one at your home from RLAX (@MassageIsOnTheWay) so you won’t have to step foot outside your haven of comfort.

For the Eco-Conscious Friend

We all have the friend who’s (rightfully) obsessed with sustainability, and they probably already have a plethora of reusable shopping bags and bamboo utensils. Instead, gift them something they can grow, such as the 9 Herb Window Garden or Bonsai Starter Kit from Planter’s Choice ( or sustainable accessories or clothes, such as sleepwear from Mondgo ( an innovative brand that uses mint, bamboo, and wood pulp fibre for super soft and sweat-wicking material; or accessories from Desserto ( which uses cactus ‘leather’.

For the Health and Wellness Obsessed

Aside from offering to pay for a few months of their gym membership or buying them more credits on ClassPass (, consider getting your health-obsessed friend a subscription to OrgBox Thailand, which ( which delivers fresh fruits and vegetables weekly for them to cook or juice, or Nutrichef ( owned by the community’s own Chef Dk, which is a sustainable food concept and can deliver meal plans for any healthy diet that you’re on. Another option is Healthy Meals Thailand ( which delivers creative and tasty, ready-to-go meals on a subscription basis. Want to gift something other than a subscription plan? Consider a box of the anti-ageing wonder collagen powder, such as Sunwarrior’s plant-based Collagen Building Protein Peptide Natural Flavor, which can be bought from Sunshine Market.

For Secret Santa with Someone You Don’t Know That Well

Here’s where you can go kitschy – consider buying a pool drink holder from Another Story Bangkok ( or cute wine glass charms or erasable glass markers that can be bought from Lazada or Shopee – choose ones that remind you of the person, and you’re set! Alternatively, we love cute, practical yet unique gifts such as this All Season Mug & Cover Holder or NIKNAX Dumpling Chopstick Holder from Room Concept Store (


For the Foodie

We’re a little obsessed with these personalised macarons from Le Boone (@LeBooneMacaron), which has festive options for all occasions, but also allows you to add your own pictures and messages to the macarons, for a minimal fee and as long as you order ahead. If your friend doesn’t have a sweet tooth, consider a cheese ‘cake’ from Chef by Chance (Instagram: @chef_bychance) – completely made from homemade cheese (we love the chilli attack), or a personalised cheese and cold cuts platter from Cheezers.Villa (Instagram: @cheezers.villa).

For Family

Thrill your parents or siblings with a novelty title of ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ from the Principality of Sealand ( or from Scotland ( All it takes is the purchase of a small souvenir plot of land (around 1m²) and you’re automatically given the title (for a given definition of ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’). This festive season, you’ll finally give your family a reason for lording it over you. Alternatively, to carry on the royal theme, you can get a ‘royal’ family portrait from shops such as Turn Me Royal ( which will take your family photos and – you guessed it – turn you royal in time for Christmas.

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