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Netflix & Prime: what to watch this February

by Tom

Binge-worthy releases from the top two streaming platforms available!

By Tom McLean


Release date: 5th February

Shot on striking black and white 35 mm film, Malcolm & Marie is an absorbing and intimate relationship drama that harkens back to the character study flicks of yesteryear. Starring John David Washington and Zendaya as the titular couple, the film examines the characters’ relationship over the course of a climactic evening, following the premier showing of filmmaker Malcolm’s latest movie. What should be a time of celebration quickly turns into a harrowing test of the couple’s commitment to each other as the two reflect upon their previous relationships and shortcomings. A must watch for those who like their drama brooding and mature.


Release date: 12th February

Fans rejoice! The hotly awaited second season of The Family Man is finally being released on Amazon Prime. Bringing back everyone’s favourite middle-class action hero Srikant Tiwari (Mankoj Bajpayee) for more espionage hijinks, this eagerly anticipated continuation promises more of the same thrills and spills as season one, with Srikant continuing to hide his secret, spy identity from his oblivious family. Following the cliffhanging first season finale, viewers will finally be able to learn the aftermath of its white-knuckle climax, making this sensational second season a must watch. 


Release date: 19th February

Boasting an all-star cast of comedic powerhouses, I Care a Lot is a darkly satirical film that tracks the misadventures of Marla (Rosamund Pike), a wily con-woman who talks her way into gaining legal guardianship of elderly individuals before stealing their savings. Unfortunately, Marla’s latest victim is related to a notorious gangster and she soon finds herself having to outfox the hoodlum to save her skin. Featuring a phenomenal supporting performance by Peter Dinklage, this riotous comedy will have you laughing on the edge of your seat.


Release date: 26th February

A spine-tingling Bollywood adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ bestselling novel of the same name, The Girl on the Train follows Meera (Parineeti Chopra), a self-destructive divorcee who frequently fantasises about the private lives of a couple she spies on during her daily commute. Her daydreams soon turn into a nightmare, however, when she’s thrust headfirst into a murder mystery that has disconcerting links both to the couple and her own messy divorce. Chock full of mind boggling twists and turns, this is one thriller that you won’t be able to take your eyes off from start to finish.



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