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KIS International School introduces thorough new measures to ensure a smooth start

by Ashima

Safety first!

KIS International School is delighted to welcome students back on campus. Throughout the summer the school has worked hard to prepare for various scenarios of school, including a return to campus, a hybrid model, and remote learning.

Our return to the campus comes with many measures, some old and many new, to keep our community as safe as possible. All of these measures are explained in detail in a very elaborate Pandemic Handbook. The handbook includes information how to reduce the chance of being exposed to the virus and how to deal with (possible) exposure to the virus. It covers measures that are taken by the school as well as directions for students and parents.

Measures include:

Sanitizing: this is supported by regular and deep cleaning, disinfecting, hand sanitizers, additional hand washing stations, shoe disinfectant mats, ventilation, air purifiers, limiting indoor time, and reduced sharing of resources.

Temperature checking: at home and before entering campus through the thermal scanners. Mask wearing by all community members while on campus, except when eating. Screening before school starts and daily screening, including collecting information to allow contact tracing.

Physical distancing: this includes fewer students per class, seats further apart, acrylic screens and partitions, one way foot traffic, fewer students on the school bus, limiting visitors and parents on campus (and live streaming parent events), no large school events and staggered times for lunch, playground, arrival and dismissal. The daily schedules have also been adjusted to allow physical distancing.

Regular communication: this ensures all community members are aware of the measures and stay informed about developments at school and includes letters home as well as a back to school video. Our Primary School students will all have a staggered first week of school so that they can get used to the new measures. All community members will be educated on how to keep KIS as safe as possible.

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