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Indian restaurant attempts to send their samosas to space and it’s all on video

by Ashima

The snacks travelled 483 kilometres before landing in France. 

By Ashima Sethi

In Bath, a city in the heart of Southwest England, Chai Walla is considered one of the leading Indian restaurants. But even though the restaurant is popular enough to skip out on the viral marketing schemes, owner Niraj Gadher came up with a hilarious and inspired idea to prove that his restaurant’s samosa were truly out of this world, and lucky for us he got the entire thing on video. 

In a YouTube video that’s been viewed over 130,000 times, Niraj and his friends document their trials at sending a samosa and a wrap beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Using helium-filled weather balloons, the first two attempts failed for various reasons, but the third one saw the Indian snacks successfully lift off.

Also attached to the balloon was a GoPro and a GPS tracker, the former so that the team could see just how high their snacks were flying, and the latter so that they could locate the package once it landed. As shown in the video, the balloon definitely travelled pretty high, so much so that you can see the entirety of Bath’s skyline as well as loads of cloud coverage. 

After a smooth launch, a little bit of drama ensues when Niraj realises that the GPS tracker was not working and the team feared their their samosas would be forever lost. However, the following day the tracker emitted a signal that indicated that the package had landed in Caix, France. (It appeared that the GPS had stopped working once the balloon had gained too much altitude, we told you it travelled pretty high!)

In order to reunite with their precious cargo, the team took to Instagram, messaging people who lived in the area to see if anyone could retrieve their package. Luckily, a young man who goes by Axel Mathon made the effort to drive an hour from his house to look for the balloon. He managed to find the package n in a field in Picardie, France. 

Speaking to Somerset Live, Niraj expressed his inspiration behind the stunt, “I said as a joke once that I would send a samosa into space, and then I thought during this bleak times we could all use a reason to laugh. The feedback is that it’s bought a lot of laughter from people and that’s what we wanted really, to spread joy.” Well, we think he nailed it. 

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