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Impressive results for KIS Graduates

by Ashima

2021 KIS graduates continue a tradition of strong yearly Diploma Programme (DP) results.

KIS International School is pleased to share our outstanding IB results of the graduating class of 2021. Despite the challenging year students faced, this year marked unprecedented results with a 100% pass rate for the 2021 cohort.

KIS students received an average score of 37 points, well above the international average of 33 points. More than one third of our graduating class (34%) received a score of 40 or above. Additionally, twenty-three percent of KIS students received IB Bilingual Diplomas in Mandarin, Serbian and Thai.

Our students demonstrated resilience and adaptability in the face of a challenging year for all. We are proud to share that the 2021 graduates received 174 offers from 89 universities in 10 countries around the world.  

KIS is particularly excited to share the success of two of our highest scorers, Aryaman Bhardwaj and Prateek Potdar, who achieved a remarkable 44 points out of the maximum 45 points.

Aryaman Bhardwaj and his family.

Aryaman Bhardwaj received many offers from top Asian Universities including the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. Aryaman has chosen to pursue an Engineering degree at the University of Hong Kong.

Prateek Potdar has been accepted to the Dual Degree Program at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Business. He also received a Tuition Grant for his studies. NTU is ranked the 12th University in the world by Global QS Rankings for 2022, and ranked 1st in the world by QS Top 50 under 50.

Prateek Potdar and his family.

The quality of instruction at KIS International School is consistently high. As one of only three IB continuum schools in the region, we offer three IB Programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), for students aged 3-12; the Middle Years Programme (MYP), for students aged 12-16; and the Diploma Programme (DP) for students in their last two years of high school.

The IB curriculum places an emphasis on inquiry-based, interdisciplinary learning which makes the success of our students even more remarkable and prepared not only for university but for the world. 

KIS graduates set out into the world with an IB Diploma as well as management and academic skills that universities admire.

We are immensely proud of the resilience, determination and compassion that our diverse and internationally minded students have exemplified.  

We can’t wait to see how our KIS graduates will continue to impact and inspire those around them.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2021!

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