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Gulp Bkk and Drink Pushers ring in Diwali in style with their Nitro Masala Chai collaboration

by Aiden

What we think of this limited edition blend

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

To celebrate the Festival of Lights, Gulp BKK, the city’s renowned drinks delivery platform that has saved many an aspiring party planner; and Drink Pushers, known for their healthy and innovative tea blends that come in eminently Instagrammable mini-cans; have collaborated on a new flavour. Their Nitro masala chai (THB 500 for five cans) is packaged in a limited-edition, eye-catching festive design and is available with dairy, or with oat milk as a vegan option.

“We’re very excited by this collaboration with Drink Pushers,” Vikram Arunagiri, the Founder and Chief Tasting Officer (CTO) of Gulp tells Masala. “Diwali is a very special time for many of us in the city, and we’re hoping that this partnership can help spread the joy a little more during this season.”

When I tried the pleasantly sweet blend, I was impressed with how much it mimicked the classic masala chai, with the traditional spices of cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon coming through with every sip. Despite being a nitro brew, it wasn’t too intense, with the dairy keeping it light and refreshing. I’d recommend drinking it chilled and, for those of us who like a bit of a kick with our drinks, Gulp suggests we stir in a shot of whisky, rum, or vodka to start the Diwali festivities a little early.

Both Gulp BKK (@gulpbkk) and Drinks Pushers (@drinkspushers) are offering great, limited-edition Diwali deals on this flavour on their respective pages, so check them out before the end of the week! Personally, I’ve been eyeing the set of Stolichnaya salted caramel and five cans of Nitro Masala chai for THB 1,360, which I’m sure will complement each other perfectly.

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