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Furniture and home furnishing shops where you can bring a piece of the Motherland home

by Aiden

Add the desi to home design!

By Ayush Madan and Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

The adage, “home is where the heart is” may be considered trite, but for anyone who’s walked into a room that instantly feels right – where the furnishings whisper comfort, the textiles whisk you back to your grandparents’ living room, and the scents evoke memories of halcyon days long past – the phrase rings very true. While minimalist lines and neutrals are currently trending, furnishings that speak to your past and rich cultural history will always stand the test of time, and will also add personality to any room. We’ve put together a list of stores in Thailand (or that can deliver to the Kingdom) that sell Indian furniture, furnishings, textiles, and more, for when you want to feel right at home.    

Tara Home Decor

The motherlode for those in search of authentic handcrafted décor and vintage items from around the world, Tara Home Decor sources their items from reliable global suppliers from India, Myanmar, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, and more. From beautifully-carved Indian side tables to vibrant textiles and fun lighting solutions that will add interest to your home, this store is brimming with possibilities for you to explore, with plenty of exclusive finds for the adventurous home decorator. You’ll find this store in the heart of Pattaya city, or if you want to avoid the fuss of travelling out of Bangkok, you can have everything delivered to your doorstep. Just head over to

Kamala Antique & Crafts

The seat of the ancient Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai’s reputation as a source of all things spiritual and traditional is well deserved. Everywhere you look, even the humble coffee shops are brimming with handcarved items, art, and unique artefacts from decades or even centuries past. It’s small wonder then that Kamala Antique & Crafts is based in Chiang Mai, selling an extensive and eclectic range of antique furniture, vintage items, lamps, fabric, and more sourced from all around Asia, including many from India. A unique highlight of this shop are the window frames and doors that they sell, of magnificent proportions, that look like a literal gateway to a more magical time. If you’re exploring the North and find yourself in Baan Tawai, head on over to their store for a spot of antiquing, or visit their Instagram, @kamala.antique, to order their unique items online.

Garbar Shop

This wholesale and retail boutique offers a wide selection of Indian products, specialising in handmade ornate purses and bright, colourful handbags embroidered with traditional designs. Rest assured that every one of their bags is unique and built to last. Some of their other products include shiny Punjabi juttis and patterned pillowcases for styling both yourself and your home. You can find Gabbar at 239 Ratchawong Rd, Chakkrawat, right next to the Bangkok Bank. Feel free to browse or order their products online at their Instagram: @gabbarshop.


Founded in 1960 by American entrepreneur John Bissell, Fabindia stands as a prominent global brand renowned for its range of traditional and handcrafted goods for the home. Fabindia prides itself on its sustainability, working closely with skilled artisans in rural India to feature their work and ensuring they earn a fair wage in the process. The website offers everything from bed linens to curtains to table lamps. Some of our favourites include Fabindia’s signature Sheesham wood trays, which bring a rustic charm to any countertop, and their handwoven cotton Dhurries which are perfect for adding a little coziness and character to your bedroom. Now shipping worldwide from India, you can browse their collection at


Prynwan is an online store for home décor based in Bangkok which just dropped its latest India Collection. Handmade baskets made of Jute, an eco-friendly material, are available in green, purple, yellow, and multicoloured options helpful for decluttering and organizing your dresser. Furthermore, hand woven poufs, ottomans, and cushions are also offered in a variety of kaleidoscopic patterns and vibrant colours to spruce up any room in your home. And if you’re looking for even more accessories, Prynwan also has a selection of circular hand-loomed Jute rugs with patterns resembling the cross section of a tree trunk. Indulge your inner interior designer cravings on Instagram or Facebook @PRYNWAN.

Clay Craft India

If you’re on the hunt for new crockery, utensils, or a tea kettle before your next in-laws’ visit, look no further than Clay Craft India. This Indian webstore provides seven distinct collections of mugs, grills, plates, platters, and pickle sets. One of their acclaimed collections is called India Circus, featuring folkloric depictions of peacocks and elephants surrounded by eye-catching floral designs. Order now at to take advantage of their monsoon sale and get free shipping with orders over RS 500.

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