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Dear Aunty D: January 2023

by Aiden

Love, loneliness, or looks – Aunty D’s got great advice.

From Dawn to Dusk(y)

Dear Aunty D,

I was born as a dusky child, dusky by Indian standards anyway. Ever since my childhood, my grandmother has been dead worried about my complexion. Whether it is my late morning walks or my swimming classes, I have to hear about how I will be doomed to eternal singledom if I continue my habits. Her words are beginning to affect my confidence. What do I do?

Dear From Dawn to Dusk(y)

Ask your granny if she’d rather you be healthy although a little dusky, or suffer osteoporosis when you reach her age, when she is no longer around to see it. As for your own self confidence and to show her that dark is beautiful, if not gorgeous, see our very own superstar, Rekha, and then the super-duper model, Naomi Campbell, or even better still, show her photos of Nyakim Gatwech. Be sure to tell her how much they earn that’s the equivalent to our Thai baht per minute, then see how she’ll encourage you to stay out in the sun.   

I’m Mr. Lonely

Dear Aunty D,

I am sixty, unmarried and without a child. My mother lived with me until she passed away earlier this year. She required a lot of aid during her last days, and her passing has left me lonely and worried about being in a state like hers, especially because I have no one looking out for me. Is this just a trauma response? Or do I need a lasting solution?

Dear I’m Mr. Lonely,

To an extent, it is traumatic facing the harsh reality of being alone and dying unattended, but the truth of the matter is, we all are alone, even if surrounded. It’s a myth that somebody will take care of anyone; we each need to take care of our own needs. So, get real and start searching for an aided living facility, in accordance with your financial status, which I hope is stable, for when you are no longer capable of taking care of yourself. Also, to make sure your wishes are followed up on, please appoint someone legally. 

Where is the Love?

Dear Aunty D,

My husband and I have been married for four years. Ever since my pregnancy two years ago, he has been distant. I have tried talking to him several times, but he does not seem to have any answers. My incessant questioning irritates him more, and in the past few instances he has verbally pushed me away violently. I do not think he is cheating on me but his emotional abuse is getting to me. I want to leave, but the one-and-a-half-year-old in my lap holds me back. Help me please. 

Dear Where is the Love?

As much as a father is very necessary in a child’s life at any age, an atmosphere of abuse and fear is not conducive to good mental health for anyone and will leave a lasting negative impact on your lil’ one’s mind and effect their psyche for life. Get out of the toxic atmosphere as fast as you can, but not brashly or in rebellion, but with a calm and composed mind. Firstly first, consult lawyers to make sure you and your child will be provided for and then, when you leave, walk out as coolly and as collectedly as you can. 

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