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Nama-Slay: A Quiz to Determine What Kind of Party Guest You Are

by Aiden

A quiz from the brilliant mind of Sumati Huber. 

We’ve made it to the new year, and are slowly coming out of the social haze of the festive season. Now we can finally relax a bit…but wait! Next week is Shilpa’s big 40th birthday bash? The monthly kitty meeting is coming up? We must commemorate with dinner and drinks the fact that we made it to Wednesday? OK then! There’s always something to celebrate in our bustling Indian community. With the celebrations also come the truth that no gathering is complete without your honoured guests scrutinising every detail of an event. What kind of party attendee are you? Take this quiz and find out.

You are running late to an event (obviously). What’s the parking situation like when you get there?

A. Terrible, the host didn’t arrange for parking so you had to find a spot a few streets away and avoid puddles and potholes walking to the venue in the dark. This will also be the first thing you mention when you arrive.

B. No idea, I show up with my driver or Grab, so I let them handle it.

C. Great, they even had a valet service available for your comfort and you didn’t have to wait long for the car to come back.

What most sounds like your comments when observing the décor of a party?

A. “This looks cheap. They really didn’t spend much money or thought putting it together.”

B. “Who cares about the décor when there’s a fully stocked bar!”

C. “So lovely! I’m glad they used P’Note and his team, who I recommended to them.”

What do you say when you see someone repeating an outfit at a dinner party?

A. “Oh…didn’t you wear that to our kitty dinner last month? It’s going to look strange in the photos.”

B. “How would I remember what anyone else wore?”

C. “That’s great that you are thinking about sustainability and getting lots of use out of your clothes.”

You’re attending a dinner party at someone’s home and the food is being served. You notice a chicken curry and say…

A. “You know I make the best homemade chicken curry. Less oil and salt. It’s a favourite of everyone’s! Nothing can beat mine. Oh, this is catered from a restaurant? Goodness, I can teach your cook how to make it. I hope you have enough options for the vegetarians as well.”

B. “I’m hungry!”

C. “You must share the contact of this restaurant, it’s delicious.”

Someone you vaguely know at a party is wearing a dress that looks a bit too snug. What’s your reaction?

A. Ask a few other people at the party if she’s pregnant and then text more people after the party to question if she could be expecting.

B. Nothing, you didn’t even notice.

C. You say hello and ask her about her career or if she’s travelled anywhere exciting lately.

How do you feel when the DJ at the party is playing a selection of the latest Western music?

A. Annoyed and you say to anyone who will listen, “Ugh, why isn’t he playing more Indian songs?! I’m going to go up to the booth and tell him he needs to change it to Bollywood hits.”

B. Like you want to dance.

C. By gathering a group of people to come out on the dance floor and turn it into a rocking party.

You really don’t want to go out tonight because you are exhausted. But it’s a milestone dinner party that you can’t miss so you go anyway. Why?

A. Because you heard the host just redid their kitchen and living room so you want to go see if they used cheap or expensive materials.

B. Because you feel guilty.

C. Because the host showed up for your birthday and all your friends will be there as well.


Mostly As: Well, let’s just say people aren’t going to forget you at a party! You’re not the most easy-going guest to please, and you spend more time complaining about an event than enjoying it. Somehow you will still always get invited because we fear what you would say if we didn’t.

Mostly Bs: You’re not here to judge, you just want to have a good time!

Mostly Cs: You’re a joy to have over! You’ve certainly hosted many social events yourself and know how hard it can be. You bring your helpful attitude to make sure everything goes smoothly. We will surely be seeing you at every party!

An unreformed party girl and mother of two, writer, editor and observer Sumati Huber tries to make sense of our unique Thai-Indian society and the aunties that she will one day become.

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