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A six-step in-flight skin routine to look ready for landing

by Masalathai Admin

Skin as clear as skies

By Shaan Bajaj

My favourite way to start the day is by catching a flight; it really puts me in high spirits (no pun intended). I am guilty of being that one annoying person who will document my entire journey with cheesy captions on my story like “Catch flights, not feelings” or “Guess the destination” along with a million other photos of my airport meal and travel outfit. However, as much as I relish the entire process, there is one aspect that I’ve come to despise: skin breakout. Cruising at 35,000 feet can really wreak havoc on skin, as low humidity can cause your skin to dry out while the stress of travelling may cause breakouts.

To keep your skin clear for all the photos you want to take, here is a list of skincare
products under 100ml for you to use during your flight.

  • Cleansing facial wipes from SIMPLE
    While we all want perfect-looking skin while travelling, wearing make-up can actually block your pores and increase dryness and breakout. So, before you start your in-flight skincare routine, we suggest gently cleaning your face with cleansing wipes and/or washing your face as soon as you board the flight, ideally before takeoff.
    Available at Boots
  • Rose deep hydration facial toner from FRESH
    After cleansing your skin, use your fingertips or cotton pads to apply this hydrating toner over your face and neck. Their hydrating formula uses rose powder, rose fruit extract, rose water, rose oil, and rose petals. Rose can deeply moisturise your skin, an ideal addition to use in flight. Fresh is also selling a Christmas special Rose deep hydration essentials, which includes a 30ml Rose face mask, 100ml Rose deep hydration toner, 20ml Rose deep hydration oil-infused serum and a 50ml Rose deep hydration moisturiser. The kit is travel-sized and focused on keeping your skin from drying out.
    Available at Sephora
  • Dermask water jet vital hydra solution facial mask from DR. JART+
    Use take-off time to sit back in your seat with this sheet mask from Dr. Jart+. It includes hyaluronic acid, keeping your skin moisturised against the airplane’s dryness, while aquaxyl will aid your skin to retain moisture. Use the mask for 15-20 minutes and pat any left-over serum into your face.
    Available at Sephora
  • Ultra facial cream from Kiehl’s
    Moisturiser can wait until after your in-flight meal. Once you are settled and ready for a nap, head to the lavatory to apply your moisturiser. This moisturiser comes highly recommended by flight attendants as it helps your skin preserve its moisture. It includes squalene, an ingredient that not only keeps your skin hydrated but repairs dry skin. The formula acts as a strong barrier against the low humidity on airplanes. It comes in a variety of sizes, 28 ml or 50 ml, making it an ideal choice
    for travellers.
    Available at Kiehl’s or EVEANDBOY
  • Lip Sleeping Mask from LANEIGE
    For long-haul flights where you plan to catch some sleep, keep your lips from cracking by using Laneige’s lip sleeing mask. You can choose from four different flavours: berry, apple lime, grapefruit, and mint choco. Use the spatula they give to apply the product on your lips before you go to bed. Wake up and gently wipe your lips to leave them soft and supple.
    Available at EVEANDBOY
  • Lip balm from BLISTEX
    If it is a short flight or you’re unable to sleep, keep your lips hydrated with Blistex’s lip balms. They come in a variety of different flavours including regular, herbal, raspberry lemonade, berry and more. Their formula also includes SPF 15 sun protection and can last up to two hours.
    Available at EVEANDBOY

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